Book 07 Chapter 205: Yellow Springs Weak Water Ritual Array
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 205: Yellow Springs Weak Water Ritual Array

The Han Imperial Dynasty:

Gu Hai had been away from Borderless Heavenly Capital for almost a year, and most officials assumed he was in seclusion. Only a select few knew that Gu Hai had left on important business.

During his absence, significant events unfolded on the Divine Continent, casting a shadow over the Han Imperial Dynasty.

Outside the Hall of Great Strength, Chen Xianer, Gu Qin, and other important officials waited nervously, pacing back and forth as anxiety consumed them.


Suddenly, the Hall of Great Strength’s doors flew open, and all eyes turned towards Vairocana, who emerged.

“Vairocana, how are Shangguan Hen, Ao Sheng, and Gu Han?” Chen Xianer asked anxiously.

“Amitābha,” Vairocana answered with gravity. “They have survived the most critical moment. They will fully recover with some time.”

Everyone outside the hall breathed a sigh of relief at this news. However, a shadow of worry still loomed in the hearts of Meng Tai, Gao Xianzhi, Gu Qin, and Chen Tianshan.

Shangguan Hen and Gu Han, both consummate Upper Heavenly Palace Realm experts, were seriously injured, reflecting the severe crisis they had experienced.

“Empress Chen, I will heal Shangguan Hen and the others,” Vairocana reassured. “But what about the invaders outside Borderless Heavenly Capital?”

“Those who dared to intrude upon Borderless Heavenly Capital have already met their end by my poison,” replied Empress Chen fiercely. “Unless Ji Dihong brings a large army, no one will get in!”

Vairocana furrowed his brow. “Empress Chen is impressive, but there are spies in Borderless Heavenly Capital.”

“Rest easy, Vairocana. The Embroidered Uniform Guard has already placed the entire city on high alert and started a thorough investigation to root out all spies,” Meng Tai swiftly assured Vairocana.

Vairocana nodded in response.

“The Huang Heavenly Dynasty is currently thriving. Too much has happened over the past year. I only hope that Mister Gu will return soon,” Vairocana sighed.

Everyone nodded.

Only Chen Xianer felt a pang o

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