Book 07 Chapter 206: Yellow Springs Self-Mirroring Ritual Array
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 206: Yellow Springs Self-Mirroring Ritual Array

Hovering in midair, Kong Xuan presented an imposing threat to Lifespan Dongfang and Lifespan Chunshen from afar.

“Flying? Above the Yellow Springs Sea? Isn’t he in the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm’s ninth layer?” Lifespan Chunshen turned pale.

“The consummation of the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm?” Lifespan Dongfang also blanched. As arrogant as he might have sounded earlier, Kong Xuan’s breakthrough completely disrupted Lifespan Dongfang’s thoughts.

“Humph! It’s fine if you don’t surrender. Your ritual array is useless against me! I’ll capture you myself!” Kong Xuan blurred into motion, charging straight at Lifespan Dongfang.

“Start the ritual array! Lifespan Chunshen, now!” Lifespan Dongfang’s face darkened.


The two quickly activated a large rock on the island they stood on.


Suddenly, the surrounding Yellow Springs Sea erupted like a massive explosion, swallowing up both the island and Kong Xuan in a towering surge of seawater.

Amid this chaos, a hand materialized out of the Yellow Springs Sea and slammed into Kong Xuan’s palm.


The palms clashed, sending the already chaotic Yellow Springs Sea into further turmoil.

Kong Xuan halted, surprise flickering across his face as he looked at a humanoid figure before him.

This humanoid figure, made of water from the Yellow Springs Sea, looked identical to Kong Xuan.

“What?” Kong Xuan’s face darkened.

They locked gazes—Kong Xuan still, his aquatic double equally immobile.

“Humph, a mere puppet thinks to block my path?” Kong Xuan’s expression turned frosty.

Kong Xuan flung out a six-colored divine light.

Bizarrely, the Yellow Springs Kong Xuan did the same.


The two six-colored divine lights clashed, neither gaining the upper hand.

“Impossible!” Kong Xuan lunged forward, and an intense battle between Kong Xuan and his Yellow Springs double ensued.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Meanwhile, Lifespan Chunshen burst into surprised laughter. “Hah! Haha! Lifespan Dongfang, this ritual array is impressive! What is this, exactly? It’s not a lifespan ri

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