Book 07 Chapter 158: Cardinal Position
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 158: Cardinal Position

The emperor’s study, Xuanyuan City:

Ji Dihong’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at the spirit stone sea burgeoning above the Spirit Mountain Holy Land.

The action of drawing out countless spirit stones with a handwave, then sending them to the two thousand cities with another wave was sufficient proof. That was Jiangchen.

Who was Jiangchen? He was the commander of the shaman race during ancient times. During the war between the shamans and the animal spirits, there were many more powerful experts than today. Even so, he was the supreme commander of one side. This showed how formidable he was.

When the officials followed Ji Dihong out of the study and saw his sullen expression, they were shocked.

Cangjie described everything he saw to the rest, and they also felt a chill in their hearts.

“It is that Jiangchen?” Emperor Kong said with an unsightly expression.

Clearly, the people who held high authority here also knew about Jiangchen.

“Using spirit stones to buy people’s hearts, Jiangchen will surely gain the support of the two thousand cities’ citizens, and he has zombie officials to manage the various cities. His grip on these two thousand cities is iron-clad,” Limu said with an unsightly expression.

“The Divine Continent’s cardinal west? There is no way to move into it anymore, Your Holy Eminence,” Cangjie sighed.

Everyone felt startled. Our progress halts here?

Ji Dihong narrowed his eyes for a while before eventually nodding. He would rather face Essence Genesis than Jiangchen.

However, Essence Genesis was not easy to deal with, either; he was a cold-blooded madman.

“Deity Seizing Hall? Why did Jiangchen rename the Hall of Great Strength to the Deity Seizing Hall? Does Mister Cangjie know?” Ji Dihong looked at Cangjie.

Cangjie shook his head gently. “I don’t know. Jiangchen’s origins are mysterious. According to my records, Jiangchen appeared even before the shaman race.”


“No one knows his purpose. After so long, he has never contested for the world. According to my records, the shaman rac

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