Book 07 Chapter 157: Deity Seizing Hall
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 157: Deity Seizing Hall

The first layer of hell:

Two hundred thousand Divine Demon Army soldiers stood in formation as Kong Xuan and the Jiang Gautama replica fought ferociously. While the replica could not deal with Vairocana, he was still a peak ninth-layer Upper Heavenly Palace Realm expert. Otherwise, Jiang Gautama would not keep making replicas of himself.

Although Kong Xuan had a few fortuitous encounters by following Gu Hai, raising his strength significantly, he was still in the middle stage of the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm’s ninth layer. He fought ferociously but could not immediately defeat Jiang Gautama.

The two fought for ten days and ten nights, treating the first layer as their battlefield. Wounds riddled the two’s bodies.

“Break!” the Jiang Gautama replica shouted.

An immense force broke one of Kong Xuan’s six-colored divine lights and continued towards his shoulder.

“I was just waiting for this!” The blood-covered Kong Xuan showed a malicious smile.

Suddenly, a pair of peacock claws grabbed the Jiang Gautama replica.


The Jiang Gautama replica’s palm strike landed, and Kong Xuan spewed a mouthful of blood. However, he managed to grab Jiang Gautama. After vomiting blood, Kong Xuan suddenly opened his mouth.


Surging black winds appeared out of nowhere, swirling around Jiang Gautama. The replica had just finished his attack and was in no position to mount another one. He staggered, falling for Kong Xuan’s scheme.


Kong Xuan swallowed Jiang Gautama into his stomach.

When Kong Xuan closed his mouth, he turned into a ten-kilometer-tall peacock radiating an overwhelming demonic aura, which dyed the entire first layer of hell black.

“Milord is mighty!” the Divine Demon Army soldiers cheered excitedly.

However, Kong Xuan ignored them, as the battle was not over yet.

Kong Xuan had consumed Jiang Gautama before, but Jiang Gautama had torn open its stomach and escaped back then.

Although this was just a replica, Kong Xuan remained cautious.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud reports came from Kong Xuan’s stomach; Jiang Gau

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