Book 07 Chapter 159: Dao Body
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 159: Dao Body

When Chen Xianer entered the spherical sack, it immediately gave off brilliant rainbow light, illuminating the cave.

Initially, Gu Hai thought this was normal for possessing a body. However, things seemed different after that.

Beams of black light came from the divine blood poison ant’s body and entered the spherical sack.

“What’s going on? Xianer, are you alright?” Gu Hai asked worriedly.

“I’m fine? However, this seems different from possession.” Chen Xianer’s voice came from the spherical sack.

“What’s different?” Gu Hai asked worriedly.

“This…this does not seem like the heavenly palaces’ location. No, it seems like it is. This is very strange,” Chen Xianer commented curiously.

“If it is not the heavenly palaces’ location, what is it?” Gu Hai said in shock.

“I feel that the sack is an egg helping me reconstruct my body. It is coordinating with my spiritual souls and reconstructing a body for me. It seems like the core of a law. It is creating a law body for me,” Chen Xianer said in shock.

“Reconstructing a body? Then it is not possession. What if…” Gu Hai immediately felt anxious.

“Husband, there’s no need to worry. I am doing well; it feels comfortable. Ah! There is some text here!” Chen Xianer’s voice rang out.

“Text? Why is it in the location of the divine blood poison ant’s heavenly palaces? What is written there?” Gu Hai asked in shock.

“Poison Dao Body Reconstruction Technique?” Chen Xianer read out.

“What cultivation technique is that?” Gu Hai said in confusion.

“It is explained here. It turns out the primogenitor of the shaman race’s Gu poison techniques created a powerful technique. He collected all venomous and poisonous creatures in the world to create this divine blood poison ant. The divine blood poison ant is not a treasure but a container. This container holds the poison Dao and poison laws. However, the Dao and laws are mixed together and disordered, so they cannot be used directly. However, he forged the heavenly souls’ location into a container that could draw on the poison Dao law

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