Book 07 Chapter 148: Vairocana Displays His Might
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 148: Vairocana Displays His Might

The second layer of hell:

Above a volcano crater was a light barrier with three figures within. These three looked identical, sharing Jiang Gautama’s appearance.

The leftmost one wore a kāṣāya, clearly Jiang Gautama. His chest had the large hole created by Gu Hai’s Divinity Destroying Light. That hole had already mostly healed, but he had not completely recovered yet, his complexion still slightly pale.

The rightmost wore yellow robes and had a golden swastika on his forehead. A ferocious glint flashed in his eyes.

The one in the center wore white robes. He had a crimson vertical slit on his forehead.

The three looked at where the distant Gu Hai appeared.

“Jiang Gautama, are those Gu Hai and Vairocana?” the man in the center asked.

“Reporting to Heavenly Gautama, yes! It was Gu Hai’s Divinity Destroying Light that injured me,” Jiang Gautama said sullenly.

The rightmost man with the golden swastika on the forehead frowned. “You lost to him? He destroyed Jiang Lianshan’s and the Spirit Mountain Holy Land’s blessings?”

“Mortal Gautama, this Gu Hai is crafty and sinister. I…,” Jiang Gautama said bitterly.

“Alright. It has already happened. There’s no need to dwell on this,” Heavenly Gautama said.

“Yes!” Mortal Gautama and Jiang Gautama answered.

“That is Vairocana at the side? This person is as strong as you?” Heavenly Gautama asked.

Jiang Gautama showed a sullen expression. “I had yet to bring out my moves when Gu Hai sneak-attacked me. That resulted in Vairocana severely injuring me.”

“A loss is a loss. There is no reason or excuse. Judging by your injuries, the Divinity Destroying Light only dealt a small portion of the damage. Most of it came from Vairocana. Look at how long you have been here, yet you still have not fully recovered,” Heavenly Gautama said.

“Yes!” Jiang Gautama showed a bitter expression.

“Heavenly Gautama, I feel there is some merit to Jiang Gautama’s words. After all, five Jiang Gautama replicas could delay Vairocana for so long. Vairocana does not seem like much, based on that,”

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