Book 07 Chapter 147: Barging into the Second Layer of Hell
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 147: Barging into the Second Layer of Hell

“Search the place. Do not leave out any place. See if there are other rats around!” Gu Hai roared irately.

“Yes!” the two hundred thousand Divine Demon Army soldiers answered.

Gu Hai’s “rage” incited rage in the two hundred thousand Divine Demon Army soldiers. They immediately searched the first layer of hell with everything they had.

The first layer was vast but extremely open; most places could be clearly seen with one glance. This made searching extremely easy.

“Who is it? Halt!” a Divine Demon Army soldier shouted.

Everyone looked over and saw a hole in space. Just like when Emperor Kong’s group left, there was also a Reincarnation Lotus revolving slowly above the hole.

Five figures rushed into the hole and shattered the Reincarnation Lotus with a palm strike after they did so.


The spatial hole vanished, and the Divine Demon Army soldiers caught nothing, making them depressed.

The Divine Demon Army soldiers continued searching. Gu Hai squinted into the distance. As Gu Ming had said, Ji Dihong had sent a second group.

“Halt!” A loud shout came from the distance.

Another six people left the first layer of hell using a Reincarnation Lotus.

“Oh? Ji Dihong actually sent a third group? How cautious and distrustful of him!” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.

On the other side, Vairocana beat the five Jiang Gautama replicas into retreat.


Vairocana suddenly swung his palm down, making it look like a sharp knife descending from the sky.


This instantly split in half a Jiang Gautama replica that could not dodge in time.

The other four Jiang Gautama replicas’ expressions changed as they realized things were bad.

“Let’s go!”

The four Jiang Gautamas immediately turned and rushed towards the entrance of the second layer of hell.


The four arrived at the entrance. However, Vairocana’s figure flashed, appearing before the four and blocking the entrance to the second layer of hell.

Kong Xuan also showed a ferocious expression, determined to keep the four here.

The four appeared anxious abo

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