Book 02 Chapter 022: Revenge by an Entire Army
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 022: Revenge by an Entire Army

At a large valley in the Great Feng Mafia Family, a heavy stench assaulted the nose.

The Great Feng Mafia Family tossed the voluminous waste from their daily activities here. As the Great Feng Mafia Family ran a casino, many people came to this place. Naturally, it accumulated a large amount of garbage every day. The sect would also toss the corpses from the beast arena here. There was a literal mountain of garbage in the valley.

This was the place the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples spurned the most. However, it was a haven for rats. An endless horde of rats lived here, scampering around the valley as they squeaked.

At this moment, ten-odd Great Feng Mafia Family disciples were looking at the valley with disgust while pinching their noses. 

“Senior Brother, why are we the ones to catch the rats again? This is too disgusting!”

“These are for the evil men. What’s the point of speaking all this nonsense?”

“How could those evil men stomach this? I feel like vomiting just by looking at them.”

“If you don’t view the evil men as humans, then that would be fine.”

“I never saw them as humans. We tossed all the evil men that died in the beast arena here for the rats to eat.”

“The rats eat the evil men’s flesh; then, the evil men eat the rats. This is a cycle, very economical. Hahahaha!”

“So, just treat the evil men as rats. Hahahaha!”

The group of Great Feng Mafia Family disciples catching rats chatted happily.


Suddenly, the sound of vomiting came from behind the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples.

“Kekekekeke! You gave us rats that ate human flesh to eat? A cycle? Kekekekeke! Excellent! Very excellent! Kekekeke!”

Blaargh! Blaargh!

Sinister laughter came from behind the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples.

“Who is it?” The ten-odd Great Feng Mafia Family disciples’ expressions changed as they turned their heads to look.

The Great Feng Mafia Family disciples saw one hundred black-clad, bronze-masked men behind them. This group held weapons and exuded a sinister, murderous air as some of them vomited.

The evil men already found eating rats disgusting enough. However, they had adjusted to it. Who could have thought that these rats were reared using the flesh of the dead evil men?

Everyone trembled and vomited in their disgust.

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