Book 02 Chapter 022: Revenge by an Entire Army
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 022: Revenge by an Entire Army

At a large valley in the Great Feng Mafia Family, a heavy stench assaulted the nose.

The Great Feng Mafia Family tossed the voluminous waste from their daily activities here. As the Great Feng Mafia Family ran a casino, many people came to this place. Naturally, it accumulated a large amount of garbage every day. The sect would also toss the corpses from the beast arena here. There was a literal mountain of garbage in the valley.

This was the place the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples spurned the most. However, it was a haven for rats. An endless horde of rats lived here, scampering around the valley as they squeaked.

At this moment, ten-odd Great Feng Mafia Family disciples were looking at the valley with disgust while pinching their noses. 

“Senior Brother, why are we the ones to catch the rats again? This is too disgusting!”

“These are for the evil men. What’s the point of speaking all this nonsense?”

“How could those evil men stomach this? I feel like vomiting just by looking at them.”

“If you don’t view the evil men as humans, then that would be fine.”

“I never saw them as humans. We tossed all the evil men that died in the beast arena here for the rats to eat.”

“The rats eat the evil men’s flesh; then, the evil men eat the rats. This is a cycle, very economical. Hahahaha!”

“So, just treat the evil men as rats. Hahahaha!”

The group of Great Feng Mafia Family disciples catching rats chatted happily.


Suddenly, the sound of vomiting came from behind the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples.

“Kekekekeke! You gave us rats that ate human flesh to eat? A cycle? Kekekekeke! Excellent! Very excellent! Kekekeke!”

Blaargh! Blaargh!

Sinister laughter came from behind the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples.

“Who is it?” The ten-odd Great Feng Mafia Family disciples’ expressions changed as they turned their heads to look.

The Great Feng Mafia Family disciples saw one hundred black-clad, bronze-masked men behind them. This group held weapons and exuded a sinister, murderous air as some of them vomited.

The evil men already found eating rats disgusting enough. However, they had adjusted to it. Who could have thought that these rats were reared using the flesh of the dead evil men?

Everyone trembled and vomited in their disgust.

“Centurion, Milord wants us to capture the Great Feng Mafia Family and not kill them. The plan is to let them taste the cruelty of the beast arena and experience what we experienced. Originally, I agreed with this plan. However, I’ve somewhat changed my mind now upon hearing this!”

“Indeed. Centurion, we can capture the other Great Feng Mafia Family disciples. However, I can’t bear to do that for this group!”

“I want to cripple them, break their legs, arms, and tendons before tossing them into the valley to feed the rats. Damn it! I can’t endure this!”

“I can’t endure this, either! Centurion!”

“You…you are the evil men from Evil Men Valley? Why are you out here?”

“Why are there so many of you out here?”

“Are you seeking death?! You! What are the guards at Evil Men Valley doing?”

“Humph! All of you, kneel. Otherwise, we will toss you into the rat pit!”

The ten-odd Great Feng Mafia Family disciples still had not realized the crux of the problem.

The leader, a centurion, also vomited. He appeared sullen as he looked at these ten-odd rat-catchers.

“Milord is there. I will go and beg his pardon. Do with them as you please!” the centurion said coldly.



The one hundred evil men immediately charged towards the group of Great Feng Mafia Family disciples.

“What?! They recovered their cultivation?”



In the family region of the Great Feng Mafia Family:


“Bastards! Men! Men! Ah!”


Loud shouts and roars rang out in the surroundings. After the evil men escaped, they took action in the family region without any fear.

Most of the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples in the family region had already gone to the beast arena. Only a small portion remained. How could they resist when they faced three thousand evil men?

The accumulated resentment of the three thousand-odd evil men instantly erupted. The boundless hate manifested as endless strength.

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Flee? That was impossible. Where could the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples flee to?

“Don’t come over! The evil men are…Ah!” 


“Die for feeding us dead rats every day!”


At this moment, Gu Hai stood quietly in a plaza in the Great Feng Mafia Family Don’s palace, looking down at the rainy and foggy surroundings. He turned a deaf ear to all the fighting in the surroundings, as he was the one who ordered that.

After two hours of fighting, all of the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples in the family region had lost. A portion of them was caught and restrained.

“The evil men escaped! The evil men escaped!” the group of restrained disciples exclaimed.

“Shut up! Keep talking, and we will immediately kill you!” Scar said while glaring.

“Sob! Sob! Sob!”

“Milord, we captured about five hundred people!” Gao Xianzhi declared.

“Earth Legate, leave five hundred men here to stand guard over them,” Gu Hai ordered.

“Yes!” Chen Tianshan answered.

“The others, come with me to the beast arena!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” everyone answered.

At this moment, everyone had already changed into black robes. Holding their sabers, swords, and bows, they headed for the gambling region together with Gu Hai.

With Gu Hai as the leader, two thousand five hundred-odd evil men marched in the heavy rain.

Great Feng Mafia Family disciple corpses littered their path. The heavy rain had not even washed away the blood yet, so the black-clad evil men just stepped in blood as they walked.

The group proceeded quietly. Aside from footsteps, there was no other sound.


Although the evil men were very loud in Evil Men Valley and the family region, they did not attract any attention from the other places in the heavy rain and smoke-covered Great Feng Mafia Family. Everyone focused their attention on the beast arena.

The commotion caused by Gu Hai’s group was only the battles of Innate Realm cultivators and Golden Core Realm cultivators. However, there were two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators in the beast arena.

The sound from a Nascent Soul Realm battle was not something that Golden Core Realm cultivators or Innate Realm cultivators could compare with.

The many gamblers from all over the Thousand Islands Sea in the guest region heard the noise and showed surprised expressions. Even though it was raining heavily, many people braved the rain to take a look.

The beast arena immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention.

The Great Feng Mafia Family had a few thousand people. However, there were more than ten thousand gamblers.

The beast arena grew increasingly more bustling. However, the spectating cultivators did not get too close. Some of the Great Feng Mafia Family headed to the various checkpoints to prevent them from entering the gambling region. However, if the cultivators were too far away, they could not clearly see what was happening. Hence, many cultivators stood on the summits of the various mountains, watching the battle taking place in the beast arena.

At this moment, a white-robed youth stood on a mountaintop with four subordinates behind him.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” the white-robed youth coughed repeatedly, pressing a handkerchief to his mouth. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the distant beast arena.

This white-robed man was none other than the sickly youth who reprimanded the fake Ninth Young Master with the first elder in the Innate Puzzle World.

“Ninth Young Master, that person is actually called Meng Tai?” a black-clad subordinate behind the sickly youth said in shock.

“Didn’t Meng Tai die in our independent world? Could he just have the same name?” another black-clad man exclaimed.

Ninth Young Master covered his mouth as he coughed. Then, he showed a sinister smile, and he said, “This is getting more exciting. The dead came back to life? Now, this is interesting. Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!”


A large number of Great Feng Mafia Family disciples gathered in the beast arena’s spectator stands. At this moment, they goggled at the beast arena.



Loud noises came from the beast arena.

“Meng Tai, you are very good at faking death. To think that you let me kick you and see you fall in a pool of blood so that I would save Yue Yao. Your pretense is very good. However, even without your pretense, I would have saved Yue Yao.”

“She is Feng Ling, not your Yue Yao. She is my Feng Ling!”

“I said it before. She is Yue Yao, so she is Yue Yao!”




A string of explosions rang out, sounding like thunder and filling the entire beast arena.

A large number of ritual arrays covered the beast arena, making it very resilient.

Feng Ling cowered in a corner inside, holding her head with her hands. Pain showed on her face as her body trembled. It looked like she was struggling against something.

Berserk auras swept about without restraint in the beast arena. However, they avoided Feng Ling time and time again.

“Who am I? I am Yue Yao! I am Yue Yao! I am Big Brother Li Wei’s woman! Who am I?” Feng Ling continued clutching her head in pain.

On the other side, Meng Tai and Li Wei engaged in a fight to the death, exchanging moves over and over.

Blood covered Meng Tai. Ocher Veritable Energy covered him in the shape of a true dragon, protecting him and baring fangs and claws as he charged at Li Wei. This was the True Dragon Innate Cultivation Technique.

Tortoise-shaped Veritable Energy appeared around Li Wei, looking very similar to a baxia but without dragon horns. This tortoise fought the dragon covering Meng Tai, tearing and biting.

When Li Wei punched, the tortoise roared. Ten sword qi appeared in the surroundings and immediately shot at Meng Tai.


The sword qi were very ferocious and moved swiftly, chopping down on Meng Tai.


The ocher true dragon shrieked in pain, and the attack knocked Meng Tai back, inflicting many wounds on his body.


Meng Tai crashed into the wall but quickly got back on his feet, glaring ferociously at Li Wei.

Then, Meng Tai stomped.


Spikes erupted from the ground, heading for Li Wei.

“Break!” Li Wei slammed his fist on the ground.


Many of the spikes shattered and shot out in all directions, flying up and falling back down from the sky.

“Meng Tai, while you have reached the Nascent Soul Realm, so have I. Yes, even if I cultivate with all my might, I cannot compare to you. Since young, I have never defeated you. However, you were locked up for twenty years. After these twenty years, you are already mentally drained. Yue Yao is mine. You can forget about interfering!” Li Wei said coldly.


Li Wei drew a sword and swung it at Meng Tai.



One hundred sword qi rained down, sealing all escape for Meng Tai and leaving him nowhere to flee.

Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!

A large number of sword qi stabbed into Meng Tai’s body. This time, Meng Tai did not dodge. Instead, he charged forward with a ferocious expression and punched Li Wei’s chest.

Boom! Stab!

Meng Tai struck Li Wei into the air. However, Li Wei’s sword stabbed a big hole in Meng Tai.


Meng Tai vomited blood as he pressed a hand to the sword wound on his chest, appearing unsightly.

On the other side, Li Wei slowly got to his feet.


Li Wei vomited a mouthful of blood, as well. He appeared ferocious as he stared at Meng Tai. “Bring it on! Come on! Let’s see how many more of my sword strikes you can take!”

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” Meng Tai coughed out two mouthfuls of blood.

The battle between the two men in the beast arena was extremely desperate and intense. Meng Tai clearly seemed to be on the losing end, looking like he could not last for much longer.

Feng Ling held her head in intense pain, not daring to watch the two fight.

The Great Feng Mafia Family disciples frowned as they watched.

“Elder, should we help the don?”

“Elder, that person seems to be the previous grand don?”

“Senior Brother, should we make a move?”

“They are Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Just the shock waves in the surroundings would tear you apart. Are you seeking death?”

“I’m not going. That would put my life on the line.”

The Great Feng Mafia Family disciples frowned, but no one stepped forward.


At this moment, two thousand five hundred-odd black-clad evil men slowly appeared from the family region’s direction, occupying a certain area.

All the black-clad men flocked around Gu Hai extremely respectfully, moving back to give him some space.

Gu Hai walked unhurriedly on a high platform and looked down at the surroundings.

Gao Xianzhi’s expression changed as he said, “Milord, something is not quite right with the environment here. Aside from the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples, there are many gamblers from the Thousand Islands Sea in the surroundings.”

“From a glance, I estimate at least ten thousand people occupying the surrounding peaks. This…!” Chen Tianshan said with an unsightly expression.

“There’s no need to worry about them. They will not help the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples. Scar!” Gu Hai showed a hint of a cold smile as he spoke.

“Present!” Scar answered.

“Some Great Feng Mafia Family disciples outside the beast arena are preventing the gamblers from getting close to the beast arena. Bring your Profound Legion to deal with those people. Be thorough and quiet. I don’t like causing too big a commotion,” Gu Hai instructed.

“Yes!” Scar answered.


Scar immediately led hundreds of black-clad men into the forest.

However, Gao Xianzhi appeared somewhat worried. He whispered to Gu Hai, “Milord, I know that these gamblers will not help the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples. However, I’m worried that the following battle might expose your identity.”

After all, countless cultivators started searching for Gu Hai a few months ago. As he had been hidden, these cultivators could not do anything. However, if he appeared in such a high-profile manner, what should they do if he got discovered?

“It’s fine. It’s time for me to reveal myself. Trying to target me? Let’s see if they are that capable first,” Gu Hai said coldly and confidently.

“Yes. This subordinate has overthought this!” Gao Xianzhi nodded.

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