Book 02 Chapter 021: Strictly Managing Troops
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 021: Strictly Managing Troops

“The evil men are rebelling? Lightning? Are they trying to break the seal?”

“This is bad. Once these evil men get free…”

“Senior Brother, what should we do?”

“Quickly! Quickly get in and kill them! Kill them!”

Two of the guards immediately drew their swords amid the chatter and charged into the valley.

“Senior Brother, who should we kill?”

“Kill anyone who is getting up. Just kill them all!”


Two large sword qi immediately shot towards two evil men getting to their feet. It looked like the sword qi would chop off the two evil men’s heads.

Bang! Bang!

The two evil men immediately moved, dodging the sword qi and getting closer. Then, they extended their right hands and grabbed, instantly catching the swords.

Bzzzt! Bzzzt! Bzzzt! A large amount of electricity flowed out of the two evil men’s bodies and into the two guards through the swords.


“They recovered their cultivations?”

The two guards’ expressions changed dramatically. Then, the two evil men slowly raised their heads, showing sinister grins.

“What do you want?”

The two evil men immediately lunged and grabbed the two guards.

Bang! Bang!

The two evil men tore the two guards apart, blood splashing everywhere.


Horrified shouts came from the guards outside the valley.

“What should we do? What should we do?”

“It’s fine. They are wearing the masks. They cannot come out. They can’t come out. The blue light barriers all around can trigger the mechanism in the masks!”

“Quickly go and inform the don!”

The group of guards continuously reassured themselves.


Scar immediately charged at a nearby cliffside and crashed into it. A Golden Core Realm cultivator possessed immense strength. When he crashed into the stone wall, tons of rocks tumbled down and caused what felt like an earthquake.

The other evil men who climbed back to their feet picked up the fallen rocks and infused their Veritable Energy into the rocks before smashing them into the cliffside.

Boom! Boom!

The Veritable-Energy-infused rocks were like sharp weapons. Soon, they dug a tunnel in the mountain.

With the strength of ordinary people, the evil men could forget about breaking the cliffside. However, now that they had regained their previous strength, they caused great destruction, looking like they were venting the horror that had built up in their hearts over the years.

The guards outside the valley were stupefied.

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“They are not taking the main exit but are creating a side tunnel?”

“It’s over. They recovered their cultivations. Are they going to flee?”

“What should we do?”

“Quick! Quickly run!”

The group of guards fled towards the family region.

However, the evil men had already completed the tunnel. Like ferocious tigers let out of their cages, they pounced over.


The evil men caught up with the guards in the blink of an eye.

“Ah! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

“My leg! Argh! My leg!”


The string of attacks killed nearly all the guards, save for one. However, that guard was also on his last breath. The evil men cornered the last guard and forced him to lift the blue light barrier around the valley.

Gu Hai stood at the very front as he walked out of the valley.

Inside the valley:

The evil men continuously got to their feet. When they stood up, they laughed maniacally.




The laughter sounded bleak and sorrowful.

Freedom! They were finally free. Some of the evil men started crying. They had been on edge for so long, seen many batches of evil men coming in. They finally no longer had to worry about whether it would be their turn to die.

The evil men immediately turned noisy, crying, laughing, yelling, cursing, and so on.

Gu Hai stood on a large rock, looking down on the evil men immersed in their joy.

He just watched coldly, not saying a word, waiting for all the evil men to calm down.

After a while, some people regained their composure.

Chen Tianshan, Gao Xianzhi, Scar, and Shangguan Hen slowly made their way to Gu Hai’s side, behaving extremely respectfully.

However, the other evil men started to show different attitudes.

“Heaven Legate Gao Xianzhi salutes Milord!” Gao Xianzhi was the first to speak respectfully.

“Earth Legate Chen Tianshan salutes Milord!”

“Profound Legate Scar salutes Milord!”

“Regal Legate Shangguan Hen salutes Milord!”

When the four legates spoke, everyone else became quiet.

When Gu Hai made Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, and Scar legates, he had taken this moment into consideration. After the evil men recovered their cultivations, they might change their minds. With these three expressing their stances, many of the others would choose to honor their promise.

As for Shangguan Hen, Gu Hai remained guarded against him. Unexpectedly, Shangguan Hen showed honor and saluted Gu Hai. Satisfaction flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

“Salutations, Milord!”

“Salutations, Milord!”

“Salutations, Milord!”

Many of the evil men started to salute Gu Hai.

They honored their arrangement with Gu Hai, promising to be loyal to him for twenty years. Although these men were evil, they understood who had given them their freedom, so they also felt gratitude to Gu Hai.

While most people saluted, some did not.

These evil men looked at Gu Hai with complicated expressions in their eyes.

“Everyone, many thanks for honoring your promise from back then,” Gu Hai said.

Naturally, the evil men slowly started to drift into two factions. However, most of them stood on Gu Hai’s side. Only a few of them began to have other thoughts and moved away.

“Milord, many thanks for helping us to regain our freedom. However, this subordinate still has too many things to do and wants to return!”

“Milord, many thanks for today’s grace. I will repay it in the future!”

“Milord, take care!”

A group of people bowed to Gu Hai. Many of them even smiled coldly. They wanted to leave.

“Do you all not intend to honor your promise to follow me for twenty years?” Gu Hai asked seriously.

“Sorry, no one can make me serve them for twenty years.”

“Haha! I admit that you possess a strong physical body. However, we have recovered our cultivations already. You cannot stop us!”

“Brat, the beating from that day was very painful. On account of your freeing us, I’ll let you off!”

“Kekekeke! Brat, when I see you again, I will return the beatings.”

This group of evil men wanted to go far away.

Gu Hai showed an icy gaze as he suddenly shouted, “Heaven Legion, Earth Legion, Profound Legion, and Regal Legion!”

“Present!” the loyal evil men shouted in unison.

“Kill all those who broke their promises!” Gu Hai ordered coldly.

“How dare you?!”

“Brat, what are you saying?”

“You bastard!”

The people who wanted to leave goggled as they shouted.

“We obey!” the loyal evil men shouted.


A large number of evil men immediately charged over and promptly attacked the traitors.

“What are you doing? What are you doing? We once suffered together!”

“Don’t come over! Damn it! You are all crazy. Are you actually listening to him?!”

“Quickly leave! Quickly leave!”

Rumble…! A bloody massacre started. Loud sounds rang out around Evil Men Valley, and shattered rocks flew about.

These were all people who had climbed out of the pit of death, all of them incredibly ferocious people.

About five hundred men wanted to leave. However, three thousand-odd remained loyal. The odds were practically six to one, turning the scene into a one-sided bloodbath.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

At Gu Hai’s order, the evil men started a slaughter.

Gu Hai watched coldly. No one could not blame him for being ruthless. If he let this group of people leave now, his prestige would take a big hit, instantly dissipating. The remaining three thousand-odd loyal evil men’s thoughts would start to waver; problems would happen sooner or later.

He had to set an example, killing the traitors as a warning for the loyal.

He wanted to kill this group of vile oathbreakers to cement the loyalty of the rest.

Furthermore, Gu Hai did not care to keep such vile people who would break faith like that. Them dying now was good. It would prevent them from causing chaos in the ranks in the future.


Following a violent melee, the evil men beheaded the five hundred-odd evil men who wanted to leave.

After the evil men killed the traitors, they looked at Gu Hai even more respectfully than before.

“Milord, we have killed them all already!” Gao Xianzhi said.

Gu Hai nodded and looked at the remaining three thousand-odd evil men. Then, he took a deep breath and said, “Everyone, you have already suffered enough at the beast arena. Now, it is our time for revenge. Follow me and charge into the Great Feng Mafia Family to find a way to remove the mask!”

“Yes!” the evil men answered.

Gu Hai jumped off the rock and slowly headed deeper into the Great Feng Mafia Family.

Right now, most of the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples had gathered at the beast arena. However, there were still some who had not gone there. When they heard the noise coming from Evil Men Valley, many of the disciples not at the beast arena rushed over.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! The evil men are running—” a Great Feng Mafia Family disciple exclaimed.


Before that disciple finished speaking, an evil man knocked that disciple into the air. That disciple vomited blood as he crashed into a large rock.

That evil man rushed over and removed that disciple’s clothes and put them on. Then, he picked up the disciple’s weapon.


“The evil men!”


Before many of the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples could cry out, the hyper-alert evil men crippled them and changed into their clothes.

The three thousand-odd evil men had all recovered their cultivations. They rushed to make their moves, feeling overwhelming hatred. When they attacked, they did so viciously.

“Move less recklessly, and move faster!” Gu Hai ordered.

“Yes!” the evil men answered.

“Milord, where are we going now?” Shangguan Hen asked.

“It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work. We need to arm ourselves first, so we are going to the Great Feng Mafia Family’s enchanted treasure and weapon storehouse!” Gu Hai instructed.

“Yes!” the evil men answered.

The three thousand-odd evil men charged straight for the Great Feng Mafia Family’s family region, leaving a trail of corpses and blood everywhere they went. Their bloody revenge had begun!

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