Book 02 Chapter 016.1: Meng Tai, Feng Ling, Li Wei, and Yue Yao, Part 1
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 016.1: Meng Tai, Feng Ling, Li Wei, and Yue Yao, Part 1

Meng Tai?

Gu Hai’s eyelids twitched. If this person is Meng Tai, then who fought me in the Innate Puzzle World?

“Twenty years? Resilient? Ha!” Meng Tai turned his head to look at Li Wei, hoping to get Li Wei to kill him.

As Meng Tai looked at Li Wei, Meng Tai showed a bone-deep hatred on his face.

“There’s no need to look at me. I will give you release only when you tell us what you know!” Li Wei sneered.

“Li Wei, oh, Li Wei! In the end, you understand me the best. Hahaha! Since you understand me so well, do you think that I will speak?” Meng Tai said coldly as he spat.

“You are really stubborn. Division Master Ding, it looks like our efforts are futile again,” the First Song Sect Master said with a frown.

Ding Rui stared at Meng Tai for a while before saying, “The Divine Strategy Battalion’s Li Haoran is here. We need to find it before Li Haoran does, so Meng Tai needs to spill the beans today.”

“Huh?” Everyone looked at Ding Rui.

“If he is not willing to speak and Li Haoran finds it first, he is useless. If Meng Tai does not speak now, it will be pointless. Thus, we have no choice but to force him. However, he will be thoroughly crippled after this. Meng Tai, this is your own fault!” Ding Rui said coldly.

Everyone looked at Ding Rui as she slowly took out an authority token.

The Fire Division Master’s authority token? Gu Hai thought to himself in shock.

This authority token looked very similar to his Water Division Master’s authority token but with the picture of a flame instead of water.

“Divine Token Dream Dive?” Meng Tai’s expression changed.

“So, you still remember. Meng Tai, our division master authority tokens are not ordinary items. You know what the results will be. Since you refuse to speak, we will enter your dreams,” Ding Rui said coldly.

“Ptooey!” Meng Tai spat on the ground. Although his eyes appeared slightly flustered, he still did not speak.

“This is your own fault!” Ding Rui said coldly.

Ding Rui stretched out her hand and activated her Fire Division Master’s authority token.


A fiery light suddenly filled the cave, looking like a clump of flame charging at Meng Tai.


The fiery light encased everyone. Suddenly, everyone felt dazzled.

The cave interior appeared like before, with everyone standing still there. However, everyone’s consciousness had entered a dreamscape.

Inside the dreamscape:

A surging sea of fire filled the place. The group stood at the edge of this sea of fire while a chained Meng Tai remained within it, continuously being burned.

“Ah!” Meng Tai struggled in agony in the sea of fire, but he could not escape the chains. The fire burned his entire body.

“Ding Rui, you betrayed Elite Hall. You will not die a pleasant death!” Meng Tai cried out hatefully from the sea of fire.

Ding Rui looked at Meng Tai coldly and said, “Meng Tai, in the first layer of your dreamscape, my divine fire is burning your mind. The parts of your mind that get burned will turn into scenes of your memories, scenes that I can see. When your mind completely burns up, you will turn into a mindless idiot.”


Ripples appeared beside Ding Rui.

“Come, let’s enter the second layer of Meng Tai’s dreamscape and read his memories!” Ding Rui said.

“Yes!” everyone answered. Then, they followed Ding Rui, stepping into the ripples.

Gu Hai remained at the very back, looking at the scene before him in shock.

Right now, he stood in the first layer of Meng Tai’s dreamscape, where the fire burned Meng Tai’s mind. Then, they could read Meng Tai’s memories in the second layer?

The division masters’ authority tokens?

It looks like I have underestimated the division masters’ authority tokens.

Gu Hai remained silent as he watched Meng Tai squirm in pain within the sea of fire. Then, he followed the rest into the second layer.


The instant Gu Hai stepped into the ripples, he appeared in the middle of a large hall.

At this moment, people filled this large hall.

“Division Master Ding, the people in the second layer of Meng Tai’s dreamscape cannot see us?” the First Song Sect Master asked, feeling curious.

“These are only Meng Tai’s memories. We are just observers. Naturally, we cannot affect anything. Just watch carefully and don’t let any detail slip. Meng Tai’s mind might be thoroughly crippled after this. We might not be able to see this again,” Ding Rui ordered coldly.

“Yes!” everyone answered.

The second layer of the dreamscape showed the scene of a wedding ceremony, one where red covered the place.

“Quick! Quick! The bride and groom are arriving! Quick! Quick!” a joyful voice suddenly called out.

The one crying out joyfully in the dreamscape was Li Wei. However, this Li Wei still had two eyes and showed joy on his face.

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister, quickly! Quickly! The auspicious hour is here!” Li Wei called out joyfully.

A couple slowly walked over from nearby, gradually moving to the center of the hall. The bride wore a red veil over her head.

As Meng Tai led the bride over, he appeared very spirited.

Li Wei suddenly stepped forward and shouted to all the guests, “Honored guests, please be quiet for a moment. I have a few words to say. Please be quiet!”

All the guests immediately fell quiet and looked at Li Wei. At this moment, Meng Tai also looked at Li Wei with interest.

Li Wei pulled out a woman from the crowd. This woman was none other than the Yue Yao that Gu Hai saw not long ago.

“Li Wei, what are you doing?” Yue Yao struggled slightly, feeling embarrassed.

“Yue Yao, come over. Today is First Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister’s wedding day. Naturally, the joyous event for Senior Brother and Senior Sister is also a joyous event for us as well,” Li Wei immediately said.

Yue Yao nodded with a smile.

“First Senior Brother, Master passed away early on. First Senior Brother took care of the three of us, raising us. I, Li Wei, have no idea how to repay this debt of gratitude. First Senior Brother was solely responsible for our survival all these years. I am deeply grateful to First Senior Brother and sincerely bless First Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister’s heaven-bestowed fate with each other. Today, let Yue Yao and me host Senior Brother and Senior Sister’s wedding, alright? There’s no need for that master of ceremonies; just let Yue Yao and me do it, alright?” Li Wei suggested excitedly.

“Indeed. Elder Sister Feng Ling, let Li Wei and me host this!” Yue Yao also said excitedly.

“Alright!” Meng Tai smiled.

“The first kowtow to heaven and earth! Give thanks to heaven for bestowing this fate!” Li Wei called out excitedly.

Meng Tai supported his bride as they kowtowed to heaven and earth.

“The second kowtow to family and friends. Give thanks to your family and friends for bearing witness!” Yue Yao called out excitedly.

Meng Tai supported his bride as they kowtowed to their family and friends.

“Husband and wife kowtow to each other, never to part for the rest of your lives!” Li Wei and Yue Yao called out at the same time.

Meng Tai and his bride kowtowed to each other.

“Send them to the bridal chambers!” Li Wei and Yue Yao shouted excitedly.

Everyone sent Meng Tai and his bride to the bridal chambers.

Soon, only Meng Tai and his bride remained in the bridal chambers.

Meng Tai gently lifted his bride’s veil, slowly revealing a gorgeous woman.

“Feng Ling, you look very beautiful today!” Meng Tai said while blushing.

“First Senior Brother!” A gentle expression filled the eyes of the bride, Feng Ling.

“You are still addressing me as Senior Brother?” Meng Tai smiled.

“Husband!” Feng Ling embarrassedly corrected herself.

“Wife!” An expression of love also filled Meng Tai’s eyes as he slowly picked up Feng Ling.


Various scenes of Meng Tai’s memories appeared. The memories were fragmented, even skipping through time. The things that he could remember were naturally the things that left the deepest impressions in his mind. As for the daily mundane matters, he had long forgotten them.

Gu Hai watched quietly from the sky. He did not expect that Meng Tai, Li Wei, and Yue Yao were fellow disciples. There was also that Feng Ling.

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After some time, the scene showed another memory.

This scene showed another large hall.

Li Wei rushed in happily.

“First Senior Brother, you are back?” Li Wei said excitedly.

Meng Tai nodded with a smile. “Li Wei, how is the Great Feng Mafia Family’s business doing?”

“Our business is expanding, and our wealth is increasing. We have established a beast arena. With that mask, we can’t stop the spirit stones from rolling in!” Li Wei said excitedly.

“That is good. Although being in Elite Hall is something glorious, it also carries a lot of risks. It is good that you are managing the Great Feng Mafia Family. This is also our foundation. Master passed away too early. Unfortunately, he could not see the glory of our Great Feng Mafia Family,” Meng Tai sighed.

“That’s right, where is Sister-in-Law?” Li Wei asked, feeling curious.

“Your Senior Sister Feng Ling? She is chatting with Yue Yao at the back. They have not met in a long time. Women never run out of things to talk about.” Meng Tai smiled.

“That’s true. That’s true,” Li Wei said straightforwardly with a smile.

“That’s right. I heard that you are getting married to Yue Yao soon?” Meng Tai looked at Li Wei.

Li Wei suddenly turned embarrassed. “This…Yue Yao told you about it already?”

“I’m warning you, Yue Yao is our youngest junior sister. If you dare to bully her, both Feng Ling and I will not let you off!” Meng Tai suddenly showed a stern expression.

“How could I dare to bully Yue Yao? It’s already pretty good if she does not bully me!” Li Wei immediately cried out, feeling wronged.

“Alright. Just make sure you remember that!” Meng Tai said with a smile.

“Senior Brother, is there something on Nine-Five Island that calls for your attention?” Li Wei asked, feeling curious.

Meng Tai nodded with a stern expression. “That’s right. I do have some business on this island. The hall master personally led the group, and all of Elite Hall’s disciples are here. This matter is very important, and the hall master ordered a lock-down on the information. No one is to speak of it.”

“Senior Brother, don’t worry. It’s fine if you don’t tell me.” Li Wei immediately shook his head.

Then, the sound of women’s laughter came from the back door.

Feng Ling and Yue Yao walked in from the back door.

“Senior Brother, did you bring back any gifts for us this time?” Yue Yao immediately asked.

Li Wei showed a doting look as he looked at Yue Yao.

“I will give you two a big gift when you and Li Wei get married.” Meng Tai guffawed.

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