Book 02 Chapter 015: Prisoner
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 015: Prisoner

The blazing fire on the mountain and the wet trees resulted in thick, churning smoke spreading throughout the Great Feng Mafia Family.

Countless Great Feng Mafia Family disciples quickly tried to put out the fire, turning the place chaotic. Adding in the thick smoke, all one could see was smoke. Many cultivators covered their mouths and noses as they ran around.

Furthermore, the heavy rain frustrated and flustered the countless cultivators.

Gu Hai openly walked into the depths of the Great Feng Mafia Family.

At this moment, although many Great Feng Mafia Family disciples saw the hat-covered Gu Hai, they could not be bothered to check him.

After all, many people wore hats, as it was raining.

As Gu Hai made his way through the Great Feng Mafia Family, no one stopped him. Everything went incredibly smoothly.


As Shangguan Hen looked at the surging smoke in the distance, he narrowed his eyes.

“What a chaotic scene. Even if they put out the fire, they can’t get rid of the smoke immediately. It won’t be easy to restore everything to normal after the mountain went up in flames.

“The Great Feng Mafia Family turned chaotic because of this fire? Then, Milord can take advantage of the chaos and enter. This is even more effective than having an authority token.

“Milord? What kind of godly being are you?” Shangguan Hen breathed deeply as he watched the thick smoke spreading over to his location.


Gu Hai did not have his cultivation, nor could he use spirit stones to lay a ritual array. However, sometimes, one did not need the means of a cultivator to create chaos.

Everywhere Gu Hai went, he checked it against the terrain information he obtained from the interrogation. Soon, he arrived in a residential area.

There was a large hall entrance there.

At this moment, the First Song Sect Master looked at the distant fire in surprise. A group of black-robed people stood beside him. The leader held a walking stick, but her face was hidden. It seemed like she purposely made it so to prevent others from seeing her face. Based on her figure, s

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