Chapter 119.2: Wagner Nearly Collapsing
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 119.2: Wagner Nearly Collapsing

Wagner Pitt was unaware of the little incident on the town's main street.

After obtaining the cuckoo flower lapel badge, he found that he could understand the language of the undead. He attempted to organize the undead into a formation as if they were marching properly. While they were in town, the undead managed to maintain some semblance of formation. However, once they left the town's gates, the undead scattered in all directions.

Wagner, wooden-faced, leading his soldiers and watching the undead running everywhere, sighed constantly.

"Make way, make way."

Two undead ran from behind and brazenly passed through the soldiers who were trying to maintain formation. They chatted while running, "I'll have to log out later when it's time. Can you help cover for me?"

"For what?"

"Get my attendance taken. I've skipped too many classes this semester…"

Wagner silently looked at the two undead passing through them.

In less than half an hour of being able to understand the language of the undead, he had already heard the words "log out" several times in their exchanges.

Although he understood that curiosity about dark creatures could easily be fooling him, he couldn't help but wonder what "log out" meant—especially since the undead seemed to have another way of life hinted at when they mentioned "log out."

Could it be that these undead lived in some unknown realm like ordinary creatures during the time when they weren't summoned to this material plane by Yang?

Could that unknown magical realm be a world belonging only to the undead, similar to the material plane, with its own laws and system?

Wagner felt a faint ache in his head…

He was just too curious, yet he was also afraid that knowing too much would put him in danger—knowledge related to the chaotic realm wasn't something anyone could delve into and come out unscathed!

He had heard about the madness that could befall someone simply from knowing the true name of a demon!

This is a test, Wagner told himself. He decided to ignore the incomprehensible words a

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