Chapter 7: Forgotten Genius
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 7: Forgotten Genius

Even though the outside hall was vast, the interior of the Changyang main hallways were even larger. Currently there were dozens of people strewn about, among them were a few middle-aged men who were dressed differently that stood out from the rest.

Bi Yun Tian led Jian Chen to their seats in the front of the hallway. Those who had wanted to sit at the front had to have a high status in the clan, and since Jian Chen was the fourth son of the clan leader, he had the right to sit at the front. However, his own seat wasn’t created yet, so he had to share a single chair with his mother.

The lovable Jian Chen sat down on his mother’s lap gently and didn’t say anything.

In a flash, a line of people came streaming into the hall one by one before stopping in front of their seats. Among the newcomers was Jian Chen’s third aunt carrying her child along.

“Hey...fourth brother, today is the day you take the Saint Test. You have to work hard so you don’t let second sister down.” Changyang Ming Yue’s pretty face smiled at Jian Chen as she spoke in a soft but enthusiastic voice. Although she was soft spoken, everyone in the hall had clearly heard who and what she was talking about.

“Ming Yue!” Her mother looked at her sharply as she spoke with soft rebuke.

Changyang Ming Yue laughed and stuck her tongue out at Jiang Chen. Without any further words, she peacefully sat down right next to her mother’s side as her bright eyes blinked rapidly as she sized up the other people in the hall.

Soon enough, everybody in the hall were all seated while they all looked at Jian Chen from time to time with looks of expectations shown clearly on their faces. The reason why many people were gathered was due to Jian Chen’s Saint Test.

If it was any other child of the clan, then there would not had been such a massive turnout for the Saint Test. But Jian Chen wasn’t a regular child with no status; he was the child to the clan leader of the Changyang clan as well as having an innate talent blessed by the heavens. The whole clan had practically placed all of their expectations on this child, hence why when it was Jian Chen’s turn to undergo the Saint Test, every clan member would be there.

After all, Jian Chen had many different achievements under his belt, and the Saint Test would be another important milestone for him.

When everyone had settled down, Jian Chen’s father Changyang Ba stepped towards the middle of the hall and sat down on the throne that signified his status as the clan leader with a great blade right next to him.

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