Chapter 8: Disaster
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 8: Disaster

Looking at the mute Jian Chen, Changyang Ming Yue blinked a few times. She walked up to Jian Chen’s shoulder and said, “Fourth brother, please don’t feel too sad. If anyone in the future bullies you, tell your older sister and I’ll beat them up.” Changyang Ming Yue thought that Jian Chen was feeling sad because he was a cripple and that he didn’t have the ability to defend himself from anyone that would mock him.

Hearing what Ming Yue had said, Jian Chen couldn’t help but lift his head to smile at Changyang Ming Yue, “Don’t worry second sister, I won’t be an easy person to bully.”

Only Jian Chen understood that it wasn’t because he was unable to cultivate Saint Force, it was due to the fact that he had been incorporating the Saint Force into the cells of his body. Because of this, his body was essentially an empty shell, with no Saint Force remaining in his body. If he hadn’t used this method, then today’s Saint Test would have had a different result.

It was unfortunate that Jian Chen wouldn’t be able to explain this situation to people. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to explain how he came about this method. Not to mention that if he were to talk about Ziqing’s Law of the Sword, then Jian Chen feared that the the history of both the technique and himself would become a great problem.

Although Jian Chen had understood that because of this situation, his status within the clan had been hit majorly. He didn’t care at all for that however and had secretly wanted a situation like this to happen. If things had progressed as well as they did just now, then in the future he would be able to leave the Changyang mansion with more ease. If he had still been stuck with the label of a genius, then departing from the mansion would not be as easy. At the very least, as long as he didn’t have their approval, they would ignore his trips in and out of the mansion.

“Xiang Er...Xiang Er…”A voice came calling out from the bed, Jian Chen’s mother had finally awakened.

Right after hearing his mother call his name, Jian Chen

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