Chapter 9: Revealed Strength
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 9: Revealed Strength

Qiu Er looked at Jian Chen with obvious anger in his eyes, making it seem as if he was a wild beast that wanted to take Jian Chen down.

“You little bastard, I’m going to teach you a lesson today!” Qiu Er roared angrily. He dashed towards Jian Chen and sent a kick towards his head. The kick was fairly fast, and if it connected, it definitely would not result in a small wound for any normal person. But since Jian Chen was still in the body of a child, a direct hit from such a strong kick had a high chance of killing him.

Assessing the strength of Qiu Er’s kick, the 20 year old servant’s face suddenly lost its humorous expression and became pale. Shouting out in alarm, he cried, “Brother Qiu Er, stop!” Jian Chen was still the fourth master as well as the son of Changyang Ba despite being a cripple, he still had some degree of respect around the Changyang Mansion. It was barely okay to mock him, but to raise a hand against the fourth master was unforgivable. Even if they had the support of any of the elders they would still incur a terrible punishment upon them.

Seeing the intensity of Qiu Er’s kick, Jian Chen’s face changed as well. His eyes grew cold as he leaned to the side again. Calmly staying outside the reach of Qiu Er’s kick, he didn’t retreat. Instead Jian Chen rapidly approached Qiu Er’s body, he placed his arm on Qiu Er’s still outstretched thigh while the other hand went to the other thigh. With a low growl, Jian Chen released all of the Saint Force he had stored in his body into his waist and surprisingly lifted the over a hundred pound Qiu Er above his tiny body.

Raising Qiu Er’s body, Jian Chen didn’t bother giving him time to retaliate, moving both his legs began to move across the ground as Jian Chen threw the heavy body of Qiu Er forward.

Qiu Er’s body flew over 5 meters before slamming into a table meant for cutting vegetables. Coincidentally, underneath his falling body was a stack of iron skewers, falling down onto that would make him resemble a bizarre human porcupine.

Qiu Er fell on top of the s

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