Chapter 10: High Regards
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 10: High Regards

Both of Changyang Ke’s hands clenched his axe tightly, as he attentively looked at Jian Chen. Thanks to the lesson he had just learned, he wouldn’t dare to underestimate Jian Chen a second time, so in this round, Changyang Ke moved around carefully.

Jian Chen began to laugh at Changyang Ke, causing him to scowl in confusion, “Third brother, can we start sparring now?”

Changyang Ke tightly gripped his axe; this time, he used his Saint Force to help him. Once again he charged at Jian Chen, but this time he was much faster.

Jian Chen casually waved around the less than half a meter long tree branch in his hands. He was feeling fantastic for some odd reason; it was almost as if the branch had some sort of secret connection with himself. At the same time, within Jian Chen’s heart, he couldn’t help but feel the same sensation he had in the previous world when he had been on the verge of death, where he could understand the amazing power of the Realm of the Sword God. During that moment, he had finally been able to control his sword with his “Spirit”, and had sent it flying 100 meters straight through Dugu Qiubai’s throat.

Thinking of that moment, Jian Chen sprung into action, as the tree branch in his hand was sent flying towards Changyang Ke.


Bending to Jian Chen’s will, the tree branch looked as if it was alive, and flew from his hands. Flying at incredible speeds towards Changyang Ke, the tree branch was enveloped by a faint white glow of light. A strong yet acute amount of Sword Qi was emitted from the tree branch, making it look like a bolt of lightning. With a brilliant flash of light, the branch had already reached Changyang Ke’s stomach.

Immediately realizing the trajectory path, as well as the amount of Sword Qi on the tree branch, Jian Chen turned pale with fright. He frantically tried to stop the branch from reaching its destination. If the tree branch was not stopped, then it would have, without a doubt, pierced through Changyang Ke and kill him. Even if he wasn’t immediately killed, Changyang Ke would still have suffered from a fatal wound, which would lead to a disaster for Jian Chen.

Right as the branch reached Changyang Ke’s stomach, it began to slow, but not before piercing into his stomach just by a small amount. Looking closer, the tree branch had merely penetrated through the skin, but if Jian Chen had been a tiniest bit slower with his command for it to stop, then Changyang Ke would had been left with the branch straight through his body. Such a thought was too horrible for Jian Chen to imagine.

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