Chapter 11: Kargath Academy
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 11: Kargath Academy

Bi Yun Tian held Jian Chen’s head in a loving way as she slowly walked forward, “Third sister, this was only some playful sparring between kids; not something we should worry about. It’s pointless to get angry; in the end, the two of them are just children after all. Right now, we should instead concentrate on healing Ke Er’s wounds.”

At the words of Bi Yun Tian, despite still being still quite mad, all Yu Feng Han could do was fume silently. She was afraid that if she continued to nag everyone about the acts of such small children, her three sisters would begin to see her in a darker light.

Bi Yun Tian walked up to where Changyang Ke reclined, closed her eyes and brought her two hands over the boys wounds. Her hands hovered there for a moment before letting off a faint white glow.

At that moment, Jian Chen’s eyes sparkled with interest. He could clearly sense that a special power was gradually gathering in his mother’s hands, forming that faint white glow. Moreover, this type of special power was the exact same power that he was able to contain inside the ball he had made earlier.

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Jian Chen began to pay close attention to his mother’s movements, and in doing so he suddenly realized that he was actually unsure if he was able to understand the very same method his mother was using to manipulate the energy. After all, he had discovered ages ago that this ability to integrate the strength of the world was complicated.

The white glow in Bi Yun Tian’s hands grew stronger and stronger, yet the light never hurt one’s eyes. After a few deep breaths, she flicked her arms and the milky white light left her hands and floated down to Changyang Ke’s stomach, slowly merging with the wounds there The white bandages that were already there obstructed Jian Chen’s view of what exactly the white ball of energy was doing, and what changes were occurring.

After completing her task, Bi Yun Tian let out a deep breath, “Third sister, Changyang Ke is fine, his injuries should be nonexistent now.”

A happy smile finally appeared on Yu Feng Han’s face. She thanked Bi Yun Tian briefly before quickly stepping over to Changyang Ke’s bedside. She gave a concerned look towards her son and asked, “Ke Er, how are you feeling? Does your wound still hurt?”

Changyang Ke raised his hand to rub at his stomach area, and laughed before starting to tear at his bandages, “Mother, your son is all right now. It’s very comfortable.”.

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