Chapter 12: Big Brother Changyang Hu
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 12: Big Brother Changyang Hu

Sitting on top of the flying magical beast, Jian Chen’s face did not reveal any sort of emotion, even though they were flying at an extreme speed a thousand feet above the ground. Since the beast was flying at such high speeds, he could hear ceaseless rumbling as the wind blasted his ears.

Looking at Jian Chen’s passive face, Chang Bai couldn’t help but nod in approval. Most children generally paled in extreme fear after flying on top of a magical beast for the first time. Some children trembled in fear the whole time, while a smaller amount even wet themselves, but very few people had achieved the same tranquility as Jian Chen.

Chang Bai thought back to when he had sent Changyang Hu to Kargath Academy a few years back. After sitting on the flying beast, Changyang Hu’s entire body had shivered from fright as he grabbed hold of the feathers on the beast’s neck.

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“The fourth master does not seem to be like the others; it truly makes one wonder what sort of accomplishments he will achieve in in the future.” Chang Bai thought to himself.

Jian Chen stared at the flying magical beast below him and asked, “Chang Bai, what kind of beast is this, to be able to fly at such a fast speed?”

“This is only natural!” Chang Bai spoke in a majestic voice, “Fourth master, you shouldn’t underestimate this magical beast. This magical beast is called the Eagle Beast; it is a Class 4 magical beast which is the equivalent of a Great Saint Master. It can fly through the sky at extremely fast speeds, and even though it is barely Class 4, even someone of the same rank of Earth Saint Master would not be able to fight it when it is in the sky.”

“Then that would mean this Eagle Beast is very expensive.” Jian Chen said.

Chang Bai nodded, “That is natural as well. Flying magical beasts are very expensive; not only because they are hard to capture, but hard to tame as well. Even though flying magical beasts are the fastest way of transportation, riding on one is very dangerous. In the case that a magical beast goes out of control, then the rider will be sent falling from thousands of meters in the air. Even with the power of an Earth Saint Master, surviving a fall like that would be unlikely and even if you’re lucky, you will still end up with a fatal injury. Even if it’s a Class 1 or 2 flying magical beast, its price is still very expensive, especially if it has a berserk nature or won’t submit to a human. Therefore, taming a flying magical beast is a very challenging task to accomplish.”

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