Chapter 6: Saint’s Test
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 6: Saint’s Test

Although Jian Chen could see through his frail appearance and find the true strength of the old man, he remained motionless and did not reveal anything on his face. With a silent nod to show his thanks, he stepped by the old man and proceeded to the left corridor.

Arriving at the end of the corridor, Jian Chen’s eyes began to shine brightly as he walked into a large room. The light in this room was exceptionally bright, so much so that it was comparable to the light outside. Many neat and tidy bookshelves that contained thousands of books lined the walls of the library.

Jian Chen slowly tilted his head to look at the ceiling. He knew that the reason why the light was so bright was due to the ceiling. He had no idea what material the ceiling was made from, but it was strangely emitting a strong glow. Although the light was somewhat intense, it was not to the point of irritating the eyes.

Although the ceiling had piqued his interest, he wasn’t willing to squander time by trying to figure it out. Walking up to a bookshelf, he finally grabbed a book and started flipping through it.

The book had fairly clear descriptions written inside, despite it not being as thick as the others. It had taken Jian Chen 3 hours to completely read through the book. Because of this, he had finally gained some insights regarding this strange world.

This continent was called the Tian Yuan continent and was fairly big. There were numerous countries of various sizes and even more cities of all sizes. The biggest cities were known as the Capitals and each one stretched across countless miles, and each of these Capitals were ruled by a city ruler. Each ruler were also in charge of several million up to ten million guardian soldiers.

However, within in the entire Tian Yuan continent, there were only 7 Capitals while 3 of the 7 were controlled by a single strong empire. Among the strongest empires were the Karl Empire and the Felicity Empire who both controlled two Capitals each. It was the Holy Empire that controlled the first 3 Capitals.

Under the Capitals were the King Cities, but the King Cities were smaller than the Capitals by a huge amount. Practically every kingdom had at the least one King City and each King City had a million guardian soldiers. Under the King City were the First Class Cities which had 800,000 guardian soldiers. The Second Class Cities had 400,000 guardian soldiers each. Under the Second Class Cities were the varying villages which all had their own guardian soldiers but their numbers wouldn’t reach over 50,000. Even their strength and numbers varied greatly.

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