Chapter 5: Tian Yuan Continent
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 5: Tian Yuan Continent

“Sister Hong Hua, sister Dong Mei, thank you for your troubles.” Looking at the the 18 year old girls, Jian Chen thanked the two quietly.

These two maids were the servants of the Changyang family and were specifically meant to cater to the everyday needs of Jian Chen. Since Jian Chen was always by himself in his room, his mother Bi Yun Tian had hired two servant girls to wait upon him.

Hearing Jian Chen, the two girl laughed sweetly and then said, “Fourth master, by all means, don’t be so polite. We are just doing what we are supposed to do.”

“That’s right, fourth master, please refrain from being so courteous in the future. If the elders hear about the treatment you’re giving us, then we may be penalized harshly.” The other servant girl had said.

Jian Chen smiled, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t talk like this if others were around.” Jian Chen was extraordinarily intelligent, and the Changyang mansion had strict rules regarding statuses. If the fourth master was to be heard saying such words, then it would be sure that the two girls would not be punished lightly.

After washing his face, Jian Chen departed from his room and walked toward his mother’s room as usual. The distance between the two wasn’t far; it was only 20 meters away from his own room.

Shortly after entering the room, Jian Chen saw his mother at the dressing table putting on makeup with the help of her own two servant girls standing next to her.

“Xiang Er, you’re here earlier than usual today.” With a glance at Jian Chen, a gentle smile full of love and adoration could be seen.

Seeing that expression of love on her face, Jian Chen’s own heart became soft. In his previous world, Jian Chen had lost both parents when he was small and thus had never known about motherly love, or even experienced it. But when he had came to this world, he had clearly felt the power of this motherly love. And so because of that, he had started to treasure this feeling of love slowly over time.

Jian Chen walked up to the side of his mother and rubbed his stomach and said with an embarrassed laugh, “Your son is hungry!” After the rigorous exercise from last night, he had been feeling the slight pangs of hunger.

Bi Yun Tian placed a gentle hand on top of Jian Chen’s head and laughed, “Then in a moment mother will take you to the dining hall to eat.”

“Yea!” Jian Chen nodded his head, a look of satisfaction on his face. In his heart, he secretly enjoyed the loving concern his mother had shown him.

Pausing for another second, Jian Chen opened his mouth again, “Mother!”

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