Chapter 4: Further Training
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 4: Further Training

The Azulet Sword Laws was divided into 12 different layers. The first layer was cultivating the body. A common saying was that if one wanted strong martial arts, then one must first have a strong body. After all, martial arts relied on the efficient use of the body; hence why the first layer of the Azulet Sword Laws was pertaining to the body.

Most martial artists relied on strengthening their bodies in order to improve their own strength. Therefore they would strengthen their bodies and end up with bulging muscles everywhere. It was clear to the naked eye how strong someone was by build alone. Some people had even built their bodies to the point of their bones being as hard as reinforced steel bars.

To Jian Chen, this type of method to train the body would only ruin the body and would only narrow the potential of the human body. So although this method would increase one's strength past a normal persons, at the same time, it would bring about a large amount of damage to the body. The people who trained this way generally had a short life span. When they were in the elderly phase, diseases and impairment within the body would happen at a higher frequency for them.

The wandering martial artists of the world have many different sects with their own way of cultivating the body but to Jian Chen, these methods were mediocre. These were not the right paths to takes; even the Shaolin way of Yijin Jing was no exception.

TL Note:

Even though the principles of Yijin Jing was beautiful in how it cultivated the inner strength and how it also strengthened the outer muscles; but Yijin Jing’s way of strengthening the body was still the same. It didn’t strengthen the very core of a human and only focused on external force only. This could not be be considered the pinnacle of cultivating the body if it did not target the entire body.

The methods written in the Azulet Sword Laws was truly profound and magical. By absorbing both the Qi of the heavens and the earth and then transforming it, one could incorporate it within the bones of the body. This allowed every organ and even every single cell in the body to be strengthened to their limits. The original frailty would be cast away and the body would reach the most optimal state while giving the body endless amounts of benefits like a longer lifespan. When one practiced the later methods, your corporeal body would reach new heights in strength; and as the Azulet Sword Laws indicated, if one could reach the highest levels of cultivating the body, then they could even live as long as the heavens and the earth.

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