Chapter 3: Refining the Body
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3: Refining the Body

Xiang Tian looked at his tiny body and gasped; the look on his face could only be described as complex. Over the past year, he had lost count of how often moments of his past life had flashed before his eyes. The memories were so fresh in his mind, it was almost as if everything happened only yesterday; as if engraved into the very depths of his soul.. No matter what he did, he couldn’t forget the memories, but he understood now; he was called Jian Chen in his past life. After his death, he had carried with him the mysteries of his memory and soul, and had been reincarnated.

He retained all of his memories even after his reincarnation, so even after being born, he already knew how to talk. And according to the conversations from the people at his bedside, he had a rough idea of what type of household he was in. More importantly, he had learned that he was no longer in the same world as before. This was a new world that Jian Chen had never heard of.

Even the mansion Jian Chen lived in had a name--Changyang Mansion. The mansion belonged to one of Luo’er City’s top 4 families, each had a foothold of power and influence. His own father was actually the leader of the Changyang clan named Changyang Ba. His mother was named Bi Yun Tian and was the fourth concubine for the clan leader. Although she wasn’t the primary wife, she still had a considerable amount of power in the family because she held the title of a Radiant Saint Master.

Even though Jian Chen didn’t understand what a Radiant Saint Master was, he did understand that it was because his mother was a Radiant Saint Master that her status was high in the clan, and there were many that respected her.

In regards to Jian Chen himself, he was the Changyang clan’s fourth young lord, and had a majestic status within the clan. Jian Chen also had 2 elder brothers and an elder sister. The first brother was Changyang Hu, the sister was Changyang Ming Bai, and the second brother was Changyang Ke. The four of them shared the same father, but each had a different mother. Exclud

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