Chapter 53: Becoming A Saint
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 53: Becoming A Saint

After the award ceremony finished, the students at the sports field gradually began to leave, dispersing until there was absolutely nobody left. During the past 3 days of fighting against the magical beasts in the forest, almost all of the students had numerous injuries. Now that the award ceremony was over, everyone returned back to their own dorms to treat their injuries. The only people left in the sports field were the completely uninjured students that had given up on the task ages ago.

However, after experiencing this event, Jian Chen’s and Tie Ta’s reputations in Kargath Academy had reached its peak form. They had already become the greatest stars in the academy; no matter where one went, their names could be heard being discussed.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta, as well as Changyang Hu’s group of three, bid each other farewell, and returned to their own dorms to treat their injuries as well.

In the center of the academy was a tall tower around 100 square meters large. Vice headmaster Chang Bai En was currently respectfully standing in the center of a room on the top of the tower. In front of him sat Kargath Academy’s headmaster, lazily sitting in front of the office desk, with a smiling expression. His profound gaze also had hints of happiness and excitement reflected in them.

“Ah, Bai En, it seems that a genius really has appeared in Kargath Academy this time.” The headmaster excitedly said with a smile.

Vice headmaster Chang Bai En nodded and smiled back, “Headmaster, that is not correct. This time, Kargath Academy has more than one genius; rather there are two. These two are Changyang Xiang Tian and Tie Ta.”

The headmaster shook his head and smiled, “No, it isn’t wrong. Tie Ta’s talent is definitely extremely high, and he also has godly strength. However, compared to Changyang Xiang Tian, he still has a long ways to go.”

Vice headmaster Chang Bai En was surprised at this response, and he asked doubtfully, “Headmaster, why do you say that?”

The headmaster let out a long sigh and said, “You definitely cannot underestimate Changyang Xiang Tian. He is quite a complicated person; no wonder the old fellow at Changyang clan kept praising him.”

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