Chapter 52: Class 4 Monster Core (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 52: Class 4 Monster Core (Two)

After the appraising elder finished his statement, everyone inhaled sharply in shock. The whole arena instantly became so silent, that one would’ve been able to hear a pin drop.

This number made even the vice headmaster Chang Bei En speechless. His gaze locked onto the huge pile of Class 2 Monster Cores on the table with an expression of astonishment. This number far surpassed the amount of monster cores that the previous first place winner, Bogadi, had.

A while passed before a student couldn’t help but shout out, “No way, that’s definitely impossible. How could he, who isn’t yet a Saint, be able to gain so many monster cores in the 3rd region, and have even way more than the school’s top-ranked expert. Bogadi? This is definitely impossible. He definitely brought these monster cores from an outside source.”

The single input raised a flood of responses. As the student finished speaking, more and more cries of protest rang out. Jian Chen’s nearly 100 Class 1 Monster Cores had already made many people jealous, and had made them feel that it was unfair. Now that he had taken out 118 Class 2 Monster Cores, which was an amount even greater than his Class 1 Monster Cores, the students were no longer able to accept it.

Under the platform, the currently number 1 expert in Kargath Academy’s rankings, Bogadi, was staring at Jian Chen’s back in shock as he murmured, “His strength is obviously not yet at Saint level; how could he have gotten so many Class 2 Monster Cores? Could it be that these monster cores really were taken from an outside source?” Bogadi also couldn’t help but think the same way as the others. However, this assumption was immediately rejected by him, since before entering the forest, the school administration had completely confiscated all of the students’ Space equipments, and the students had all gone through very strict inspections. In addition, the forest only had one entrance, so there was no chance for someone to sneak monster cores in from the outside.

Moreover, even if someone really did manage to bring them in, Bogadi believed that nobody would be stupid enough to present 100+ Class 2 Monster Cores at once. That would undoubtedly make the entire school shocked, and the administration would definitely hire people to investigate the situation.

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