Chapter 51: Class 4 Monster Core (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 51: Class 4 Monster Core (One)

Quickly, over ten people passed the inspection. At this time, an unusual young man came up. This young man had tattered clothes but the arrogance between his brows was present as ever. When he came up to the table, he quickly brought out a huge pile of Monster Cores to place onto the table.

The old man in charge of the inspection obviously knew this young man and after counting the number of Monster Cores on the table, he said appraisingly, “There are a total of 93 Magic Cores. Pretty good, Cheng Ming Xiang, your score is exceptionally good.”


Hearing Cheng Ming Xiang’s name, Tie Ta, who was at the end of the line, looked at Cheng Ming Xiang standing in front of the table, waiting for his evaluation to finish. Tie Ta’s eyes were bright with battle spirit; he hadn’t been able to forget his last unfinished fight against Cheng Ming Xiang. At that time, his powers hadn’t been as strong as they were right now, especially after killing magical beasts in the forest for the past 3 days. Since he had also gained some pointers from Jian Chen, Tie Ta’s current fighting abilities were far greater than they had been before. He believed that with his current strength, as well as his newly gained battle experience, he would be able to fully utilize his godly strength in the fight to make up for the difference in Saint Force between the two of them. There was definitely no way he’d lose to Cheng Ming Xiang.

Although Tie Ta appeared to be thick-headed, he clearly understood that this was not the time to spar against Cheng Ming Xiang, so he could only angrily glare at Cheng Ming Xiang’s back. Eventually, he managed to suppress his strong desire to fight Cheng Ming Xiang.

Hearing the elder’s praise, Cheng Ming Xiang smiled, and his eyes showed pride and a hint of arrogance behind them.

The appraising elder recorded the value in his notebook, then continued, “93 Class 2 Monster Cores, huh! If nothing unexpected happens, then you will definitely be part of the top 3 places for Class 2 Monster Cores. In addition, you are the Cultivation Genius, so your future is boundless. Keep working hard.”

“Thank you very much for your praise, Teacher Steve!”

The elder’s compliments made Cheng Ming Xiang’s arrogant expression even more pronounced.

Afterwards, Cheng Ming Xiang returned the academy Space Belt and retrieved his own as well as the badge of glory, before stepping off the platform.

After Cheng Ming Xiang left, another student with similarly tattered clothes walked up to the table. He directly pulled out a large handful of monster cores; it seemed that he did not have any less monster cores than Chen Ming Xiang.

The appraising elder smiled and nodded, his gaze resting on the youth’s face as he slowly said, “Not bad, Huang Dong. It seems that your harvest this time is quite plentiful.”

Hearing Huang Dong’s name, quite a few students below the platform exclaimed in shock. Jian Chen’s expression also shifted, his gaze immediately locking onto that youth’s figure. Jian Chen was no stranger to Huang Dong’s name; his strength was third on Kargath Academy’s top 10 experts list. Jian Chen had heard that his power had already reached the peak Saint level last year, and he was only one step away from becoming a Great Saint. In addition, once he successfully broke through, it would signify that he could graduate.

Kargath Academy’s top 10 experts list referred to the 10 strongest and most formidable students. All of them had already reached peak Saint level, and were not far from becoming Great Saints. Once they broke through, they would leave the top 10 experts circle.

In response to the elder’s praise, Huang Dong only smiled, and did not reply.

Soon, the elder had already finished counting the monster cores on the table. Huang Dong had earned a total of 91 monster cores, 2 less than Cheng Ming Xiang.

Once Huang Dong had left the platform, more people from the top 10 experts list appeared on the platform. Almost all of them had numerous monster cores, and the first ranked student on the top 10 experts list, Bogadi, had a total of 103 monster cores. However, amongst these top 10 experts, only 4 of them had completed the task; the other 6 had all been eliminated. They had encountered people of the same level as they were, but had lost to the opposite party due to a difference in numbers. Thus, their monster cores had been plundered.

Very quickly, all the people on the top 10 experts lists had already left the platform. The people remaining were all extremely well-known. At this point, the one who had displayed the highest number of monster cores so far was the first ranked on the top 10 experts list——Bogadi, with a total of 103 monster cores.

The person in second place was the fifth ranked, one of the top 10 experts list: Jing Ming Yue. She was also the sole female on the top 10 experts list. She had earned a total of 101 monster cores, 2 less than Bogadi had.

The person in third place was Cheng Ming Xiang, with a total of 93 monster cores. Although he was not on the list of top 10 experts, his power had already reached the upper Saint levels, and he was also a higher-ranked elite at Kargath Academy. His abilities were not much lower than the people in the list of top 10 experts, and at Kargath Academy, he had acclaimed the title of the Cultivation Genius. His cultivation speed was much higher than most people’s, and his battle power couldn’t be underestimated either.

After the three of them had left, all the people had already determined the top 3 winners, because the only people left in line were people who were not well-known in Kargath Academy. Their powers were all only primary or mid Saint levels, and there was, naturally, no way they could compare to the other three.

Changyang Hu’s group of four had managed to pillage quite a few monster cores thanks to being with Jian Chen. Although the four of them had equally split half the cores, each one of them had still managed to get 30-40 of them. Even though this did not count as that plentiful of an amount, based on their strengths, this number was already quite good. After all, they were only primary Saints.

Very soon, all the Saints had already finished their evaluations. Although there were people who had quite a few monster cores, none of them had much more than the third place holder had. Right now, the only 2 people remaining were Tie Ta and Jian Chen.

Currently, both the teachers on the platform and the students below it had their gazes locked onto Jian Chen and Tie Ta. The two of them weren’t Saints yet, but they had reached the level at which they could kill Class 2 Magical Beasts. This made quite a few people feel intense jealousy and emotions of turmoil. At that moment, everyone was trying to guess how many monster cores were on these two, who hadn’t condensed Saint Weapons yet. Of course, nobody dared to use the other upperclassmen as a basis for Jian Chen’s and Tie Ta’s earnings; they all guessed that the two of them wouldn’t have that many Class 2 Monster Cores on them.

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Jian Chen walked up to the appraising elder and removed his Space Belt. At this moment, the elder was looking at Jian Chen with an expression of praise; the previous prejudices he originally had towards Jian Chen had now completely disappeared. Although he was sure that Jian Chen and Tie Ta would definitely not have more than 10 Class 2 Monster Cores in their possessions, just the fact that the two of them had entered the 3rd region and slayed Class 2 Magical Beasts without being a Saint was already something that the elder had to have a whole new level of respect for. After all, this was the first time non-Saints had ever been able to kill Class 2 Magical Beasts in the history of Kargath Academy.

At that moment, the listless teachers sitting on the platform could not help but get excited. One by one, they turned their gaze towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen calmly swept his gaze across the surrounding teachers. When he confirmed that the teachers were staring at him with eyes that were bright with anticipation, his previous indifferent expression could not help a subtle smile. He directly reached into his Space Belt and removed a handful of Class 2 Monster Cores and placed them on the table; there seemed to be around 10of them.

After seeing Jian Chen take out the 10 Class 2 Monster Cores, many of the teachers on the platform had expressions of shock and disbelief. It was very obvious that this number had surpassed most of their expectations. After all, in terms of strength, the difference between Class 2 Magical Beasts and Class 1 Magical Beasts was extremely great. Based on their original assumptions, it would’ve been quite amazing if Jian Chen only had 3-4 Class 2 Monster Cores. However, they hadn’t imagined that he would actually have 10 of them.

Following this, without waiting for the others’ minds to form any more thoughts, Jian Chen once again withdrew a fistful of Class 2 Monster Cores from his Space Belt.

Currently, the number of Class 2 Monster Cores on the table had already reached over a dozen in number. This amount was already equal to the number of cores that some of the Saint students had gained the past 3 days.

Witnessing this scene, all the teachers on the platform showed incredulous expressions. Even the appraising elder could not help but be shocked speechless at the dozens of monster cores that Jian Chen had pulled out. Although there were only a few dozen Class 2 Monster Cores, this still made the teachers’ emotions surge even more than when Jian Chen had pulled out around 100 Class 1 Monster Cores in a single breath. After all, these Class 2 Monster Cores had been pulled out by a person that hadn’t reached Saint level yet.

At that moment, all the teachers suddenly realized that if those dozens of monster cores had been earned by Jian Chen personally killing Class 2 Magical Beasts, then his future achievements would be….

When the teachers thought of a student that was not yet a Saint killing Class 2 Magical Beasts, a dozen of them in fact, they could not help but find it incredible.

Vice headmaster Chang Bai En, who was sitting in the chairperson’s spot, had a satisfied smile and murmured, “Not bad, not bad, not bad at all. The only thing that remains unknown is how many of these monster cores you were able to earn by killing magical beasts with your own strength. It seems this will have to be more closely investigated later.”

After taking out dozens of Class 2 Monster Cores, Jian Chen’s movements still did not stop. His hand once again reached into his Space Belt and pulled out another handful of monster cores. Afterwards, Jian Chen’s movements continued to repeat, and under all the incredulous teachers’ shocked gazes, he continued to pull out various sized Class 2 Monster Cores, until the whole table was completely covered.

Seeing the table full of Class 2 Monster Cores, all the teachers on the platform were stuck in a daze. Even the students below the platform that could see what was going on at the table had expressions of disbelief, as if they had just witnessed an unfathomable scene.

The appraising elder inhaled deeply, and tried to quell his emotions of shock as well as he could to calm himself down. The monster cores on the table were ones that he had never in his lifetime seen before, and he had seen many more higher-level monster cores before. Yet these Class 2 Monster Cores could not be described through ordinary means.

The appraising elder looked intensely at Jian Chen before lowering his head to count the monster cores. Soon, the assessment had finished. However, the elder had a shocked expression of disbelief on his face, as his emotions that had just calmed down now began to surge uncontrollably once more. He sat in front of the table in a daze, unable to open his mouth and report the number of monster cores.

A few breaths later, the vice headmaster Chang Bai En sitting in the chairperson’s position could finally no longer wait any longer, and said, “Steve, hurry up and report the number of monster cores.” Vice headmaster Bei En’s tone trembled slightly with excitement, although his expression was extremely calm.

Hearing the vice headmaster’s words, the appraising elder took a deep breath, before declaring, “Changyang Xiang Tian, number of Class 2 Monster Cores gained: 118.”

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