Chapter 51: Class 4 Monster Core (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 51: Class 4 Monster Core (One)

Quickly, over ten people passed the inspection. At this time, an unusual young man came up. This young man had tattered clothes but the arrogance between his brows was present as ever. When he came up to the table, he quickly brought out a huge pile of Monster Cores to place onto the table.

The old man in charge of the inspection obviously knew this young man and after counting the number of Monster Cores on the table, he said appraisingly, “There are a total of 93 Magic Cores. Pretty good, Cheng Ming Xiang, your score is exceptionally good.”


Hearing Cheng Ming Xiang’s name, Tie Ta, who was at the end of the line, looked at Cheng Ming Xiang standing in front of the table, waiting for his evaluation to finish. Tie Ta’s eyes were bright with battle spirit; he hadn’t been able to forget his last unfinished fight against Cheng Ming Xiang. At that time, his powers hadn’t been as strong as they were right now, especially after killing magical beasts in the forest for the past 3 days. Since he had also gained some pointers from Jian Chen, Tie Ta’s current fighting abilities were far greater than they had been before. He believed that with his current strength, as well as his newly gained battle experience, he would be able to fully utilize his godly strength in the fight to make up for the difference in Saint Force between the two of them. There was definitely no way he’d lose to Cheng Ming Xiang.

Although Tie Ta appeared to be thick-headed, he clearly understood that this was not the time to spar against Cheng Ming Xiang, so he could only angrily glare at Cheng Ming Xiang’s back. Eventually, he managed to suppress his strong desire to fight Cheng Ming Xiang.

Hearing the elder’s praise, Cheng Ming Xiang smiled, and his eyes showed pride and a hint of arrogance behind them.

The appraising elder recorded the value in his notebook, then continued, “93 Class 2 Monster Cores, huh! If nothing unexpected happens, then you will definitely be part of the top 3 places for Class 2 Monster Cores. In addition, you are the Cultivat

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