Chapter 54: Mutation of the Dantian
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 54: Mutation of the Dantian

Jian Chen had no idea what was happening to his body at all. Since he had lost total control over his body, he was completely unable to stop the absorption of the worldly Qi around him. Feeling his own body absorbing the worldly Qi at such a frightening speed, Jian Chen still maintained a determination of steel despite feeling slightly pressed for time. If his body continued to absorb the World Qi at this rate, it was unknown how much longer his body would be able to last before it exploded from the sudden increase of concentrated Qi. But what puzzled Jian Chen the most was that he had no idea how this happened to begin with. Why did his dantian suddenly start to absorb the World Qi out of the blue at such a remarkable speed? This left Jian Chen with no small amount of terror.

He knew in his heart that the World Qi around him was rapidly congregating and the area around him became like a storm as it flowed at a frantic speed. The gale of Qi roared and whistled throughout Kargath Academy as both leaves and loose rocks were sent flying into the air.

But when the World Qi entered Jian Chen’s dantian, it was as if he threw a rock into the ocean, as the World Qi assimilated into his body leaving no indication that it was there to begin with. For that reason, Jian Chen let out a sigh of relief. Although he didn’t know what had caused his dantian to go through such a dramatic change, he was glad that his body wouldn’t explode from the World Qi.

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At the same time within the high central tower of Kargath Academy, the headmaster of the academy suddenly cried out in shock, “What’s happening? The World Qi is fluctuating in such a violent way!” As he spoke, the headmaster had already flew out of the window, leaving behind an after image. The moment he flew through the window, he soared into the sky at an extreme speed and immediately found himself at the dorm room of Jian Chen after a few seconds. He looked at the dorm with doubt and puzzlement as he continue to stare at the room.

Meanwhile, a streak of white light came blurring over and stopped a few hundred meters behind the headmaster. It was the vice headmaster, Bai En.

Even after the arrival of Bai En, another dozen people came flying over in rapid succession before coming to a stop behind Bai En to look at where the World Qi was congregating at.

They were all teachers of the academy with strength stronger than most, and so with the violent fluctuations of the World Qi, there would be no way at all for them to not notice.

Bai En looked at the amassed World Qi with amazement as he cried out in wonder, “Headmaster, what has happened here? Why has the World Qi gathered itself in this area?”

Although the headmaster’s face looked focused, his eyes were staring blankly as he replied, “Even I don’t know what has happened here, let’s go find out.”

With that, the headmaster plummeted down to the ground with Bai En following right behind him.

“The rest of you stay here, do not allow anyone else to come close.” He called out to the teachers.

All the teachers wanted to follow the headmaster to find out the answer to this mystery, but with the words of Bai En, the teachers stopped their initial momentum and returned to their original spots obediently. When it came to Bai En, no teacher dared to violate his commands.

Quickly, both the headmaster and Bai En arrived outside of the door to Jian Chen’s room, where the World Qi was inside.

As Bai En silently knocked onto the door, it suddenly smashed into pieces and the scene inside was projected towards the two.

Inside, they saw Jian Chen sitting crossed legged on his bed with his eyes closed as he continued to cultivate. The World Qi was still being absorbed into his dantian with such a terrifying speed that it made his body outline blurry as a fog concealed him slightly.

Seeing this phenomenon, both Bai En and the headmaster were speechless. They never would have thought that the World Qi being concentrated here was because of a single person’s cultivation. Not only that, but they were stunned by the amazing speed at which Jian Chen was absorbing the World Qi.

“So it was Changyang Xiang Tian! could this be possible, with his strength, how could he bring about such an effect like this?” Bai En cried out in shock as he watched what was inconceivable to him.

Even the headmaster was trembling as his eyes stared deeply at Jian Chen. After a good while, he let out a sigh, “This kid is not ordinary at all!”

Hearing the headmaster, Bai En nodded his head in complete belief in the headmaster. In his heart, he had always known that Jian Chen was never an ordinary student.

“Headmaster, what should we do now then?” He asked.

“We wait!” Came the reply.

And so, the headmaster and vice headmaster stood outside Jian Chen’s room and waited for him to reawaken. They didn’t enter his room, and didn’t make a sound almost as if they were afraid of accidentally disturbing the cultivating Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had long since been aware that his door had been smashed apart, but he wasn’t able to move both his body and mouth since he wasn’t in control. And the Class 4 Monster Core gripped tightly in his hand was visibly smaller now to the naked eye, its size already roughly the same size of a ping pong ball.

All of the energy and World Qi that was being absorbed into Jian Chen’s dantian disappeared like a stone falling into the ocean without leaving behind a single ripple of water behind.

Regarding this situation within his dantian, Jian Chen was absolutely clueless and didn’t understand where all of the World Qi was going.

Soon after some time had passed, the energy in the Class 4 Monster Core was completely absorbed by him. Finally within his dantian a change was happening as light specks of both cyan and purple started to appear. The moment the specks appeared, his dantian suddenly started to absorb the World Qi at an even faster rate, and even started to absorb World Qi from a farther distance. With the cyan and purple light specks, World Qi from a dozen feet away felt the pull and began to rush towards Jian Chen before being absorbed through the pores in his body and into the glowing specks.

Because of Jian Chen’s fast absorption rate of the World Qi, a faint white mist was clearly noticeable to the naked eye as it surrounded him. Because of this white mist, his own body was only faintly discernible, making both him and the area around him seem much more mysterious than before.

The increase in the rate of absorption did not go unnoticed by the two men standing outside of the door. Staring at each other in the eye, they were both astonished at what they were both seeing.

By this point, the entire Kargath Academy was aware of the sudden influx of World Qi, but aside from the teachers, each and every student took it to be a sudden gust of wind, and took no more notice to it.

Jian Chen’s dantian continued to absorb the World Qi for half the day before finally stopping. Jian Chen completely absorbed all of the World Qi dozens of kilometers away. At the moment, aside from the completed sword made from his condensed Saint Force, Jian Chen’s dantian also contained cyan and purple specks of light. The specks were extremely small, and they had extremely faint glows as well. The way they flickered made it seem like they would burn out at any moment.

Probing the cyan and purple specks of light that had just appeared within his dantian, Jian Chen’s heart momentarily grew heavy. This was the first time he had ever encountered an uncontrollable circumstance within the dantian. He had no desire to encounter such an issue. However, what he could say for certain was that these cyan and purple light specks were definitely related to the uncontrollably crazy absorption of the World Qi that he had experienced earlier.

“Could it be that these cyan and purple lights are completely made of the World Qi from before?” Jian Chen secretly guessed. The great amount of World Qi that had entered his dantian before had completely disappeared without a trace, like a rock in the large sea. This was something completely unfathomable. In addition, after absorbing that vast amount of World Qi, these strange light specks had appeared within his dantian. This made it obvious to Jian Chen that the two events were connected.

However, what made Jian Chen really doubtful and worried was the question: what exactly were those strange light specks within his dantian, and what did they do? Would their existence be of any harm to him? These were the questions Jian Chen was currently most concerned about. The latter question particularly, made him feel unrest.

After hesitating for a bit, Jian Chen finally tried attempting to control the cyan and purple lights. However, after a few experiments, his mood became more and more serious. After some internal inspections, although he could clearly “see” the specks of light, every time he tried to manipulate them, he would suddenly discover that the light specks existing within his dantian would become similar to mirages. He could easily pass through them, and was completely unable to grab ahold of them and put them under his control. It was as if they didn’t really exist.

To every cultivating person, the dantian was an extremely important part of the body. Jian Chen definitely did not wish to see his dantian go through some situation beyond his control. Otherwise, for all he knew, it could prove to be fatal during some critical moment later.

“Ai, whatever. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s not like I can do anything about it. I’m a person who has died once already anyways. Why should I care about these things?” Jian Chen soon came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t bother toiling over the strange changes in his dantian any longer. Since the circumstances were beyond his control, he could only calmly accept them.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes, his gaze perfectly calm. Although successfully becoming a Saint was an exciting achievement, because an uncontrollable circumstance had occurred within his dantian, he could not bring himself to be happy.

Just as Jian Chen opened his eyes, the headmaster and vice headmaster that had been waiting outside the whole time walked in together.

Seeing the headmaster walk in, Jian Chen quickly got off the bed and greeted them, “Headmaster, Vice Headmaster.”

The headmaster had a wide smile across his face as he steadily looked at Jian Chen. “Changyang Xiang Tian, the World Qi you just released was abnormal. Did you encounter any problems during your cultivation? If so, don’t hold yourself back and tell me. Perhaps I can help you.” The headmaster said in a tone of great concern.

“Thank you for your concern, Headmaster. Everything has been going well, as I haven’t yet encountered any problems.” Jian Chen calmly said. He didn’t think his dantian situation was something that the headmaster could resolve. Saying it would only stir up trouble, and it was better to just stay silent.

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