Chapter 55: The Emperor’s Recognition
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 55: The Emperor’s Recognition

The headmaster laughed joyously, “Changyang Xiang Tian, it looks like you’ve broken through to become a Saint.”

Jian Chen nodded his head slightly and said, “Yes, I have only just condensed my Saint Weapon.”

“And yet, I am still not sure if you’ve become an Upper level Saint or a Middle level Saint.” The headmaster beamed; to him, Jian Chen was at the very least the same strength as a Middle level Saint. After all, he had personally seen such a tremendous amount of World Qi be absorbed by him. Although he didn’t know what type of method Jian Chen had used to absorb it all, but he at the very least understood that after absorbing this much World Qi, there was no way Jian Chen would only be at the Primary Saint level.

To see Jian Chen immediately cross over the Primary level to the Middle level of Sainthood, the headmaster couldn’t help but be extremely happy. With this, his Kargath Academy could finally be proud of having such a talented student.

“Headmaster, I’ve only just condensed a Saint Weapon, so my strength should definitely be at the Primary level.” Jian Chen knew that the headmaster believed he had completely absorbed all of the World Qi and asked him this question for that reason.

“Primary level!” A voice cried. This time it wasn’t the headmaster who spoke, but Bai En who was standing behind him with a look of disbelief.

“How could that be, you’ve absorbed such an enormous amount of World Qi, so how could you only be at the Primary Saint level?”

“I also don’t know.” Jian Chen’s face let out a bitter smile. He didn’t intend to reveal the things that happened in his own dantian.

“Okay, since Changyang Xiang Tian is fine, then we should leave.” The headmaster’s gaze was directed at Jian Chen as he said, “Changyang Xiang Tian, right now you have just become a Saint, and you should properly familiarize yourself with your Saint Weapon’s uses.” After saying these words, the two people, headmaster and vice-headmaster, left Jian Chen’s room.

After leaving the dormitories, vice-headmaster Bai En with a face full of curiosity asked, “Headmaster, Changyang Xiang Tian obviously absorbed a colossal amount of World Qi, how could he still only stay at the Primary Saint level, this just doesn’t make sense.”

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When he heard this, the headmaster slightly nodded his head and said, “Yes, it certainly doesn’t abide to common sense, or there might be a secret Changyang Xiang Tian has that we do not know of. Otherwise, how could he absorb all the World Qi dozens kilometers away? It’s obviously an impossible task.” After saying this, the headmaster paused for a moment, then continued, “This matter is something that we should not pry into. From now on, for any matters concerning Changyang Xiang Tian, as long as it doesn’t cause too much of a ruckus, we shouldn’t interfere. Let him grow as he wishes, as a genius’ path is usually made by himself. If they don’t weather the storm, they will never truly grow, and with only peaceful times, they will eventually wane.”

“Yes, Bai En understands.” the vice headmaster answered respectfully. His mind was clear, in order to cultivate a genius, this would do whatever Kargath Academy would have to do.

The headmaster stared off into the azure sky as he muttered to himself, “Changyang Xiang Tian is 15 years old this year; to reach Sainthood by his 15th year would cause quite a shock throughout the Tian Yuan continent. It really does look like Changyang Xiang Tian is a true genius, so I truly hope he continues down his path and does not die a premature death. Otherwise, this would be a heavy loss for our Gesun Kingdom. Ai, it’s a shame the ancestor of the Changyang Clan has been missing for a hundred years, if he was still alive, then his plan might have succeeded.”


After the headmaster left, Jian Chen continued to sit cross legged on the bed once more and observed the cyan and purple glow within his dantian. He let out a sigh, not only did he not know what was the matter with the glows, but he also had no control over them.

With another sigh, Jian Chen decided to forget about them since it would waste precious time if he did. He had already died once and already experienced many things. Aside from the maternal love he felt for his mother Bi Yun Tian, there wasn’t much else Jian Chen cared about.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself. Concentrating deeply on his right hand, his heart thumped before a strong source of energy flashed as a slender longsword appeared in his right hand.

The longsword was unusually thin and the entire body was a silver white almost like a mirror that reflected the surrounding area on the blade.

The sword was around 4 feet long and two fingers wide. Engraved on the blade next to the hilt were two words: “Light Wind”.

This sword’s appearance was almost exactly like Jian Chen’s treasured sword in his previous life. Even the name itself was the exact same one, called the Light Wind Sword.

Jian Chen’s way of the sword placed a strong emphasis on quickness and agility. With the ability to strike in a thousand different ways, he was like the wind that ‘came in without a shadow, and left without a footprint’.

Holding onto the Light Wind Sword, Jian Chen couldn’t help but smile tremendously. At the moment where he grasped onto the sword, he felt the familiarity he had with his previous world come rushing back to him.

However, the only difference was that Jian Chen felt that the sword was like an extension of his arm; he didn’t need to expend as much strength to control it. Jian Chen could also feel his “Soul” connecting with the sword to establish a perfect relationship between the two. The two were one and no longer divided. This was a feeling he had never felt before in his previous world.

Jian Chen jabbed out with his sword, letting the silver blade flash as it shot outwards.

“Ding!” A clear sound was heard as the Light Wind Sword whistled in the air. It would appear that this sword was on the same level as the ones refined from the finest of iron.

Jian Chen gently caressed the blade with his left hand joyfully as if the sword was his most favorite person.

To any true swordsman, the sword was the the item they were the most fond of and could not replace. The sword was their life and their soul, and Jian Chen was a firm believer of that as well.

When Jian Chen summoned the Light Wind Sword, it had disappeared from within his dantian and the energy had been completely concentrated onto his hand to form the blade in real life. Not only was this sword able to deal out major damage, but this was also the source of Jian Chen’s energy and replaced his dantian as the source.

Jian Chen’s heart thumped once more as the sword started to disappear and return to his dantian as the mini version of the Light Wind Sword.

Two days after Jian Chen had broken through to Sainthood, he had spent the time observing the two colored glows within his dantian. Other than that, he spent most of the time in the library in order to find a book that would help shed some light on the situation with his dantian--however, he always came up empty handed.

During those two days, Jian Chen’s breakthrough to Sainthood had been passed around through the academy like a great wave since they all knew Jian Chen had gotten to that level too fast. Every student at Kargath Academy knew that he had joined the academy a few months ago at the 8th Saint Force layer. And after those few months, he had suddenly broken through to become a Saint, this type of cultivation speed was far too fast, causing everyone to cry out in astonishment. This record had completely squashed out the previous number 1 cultivation genius Cheng Ming Xiang.

Far away from Kargath Academy in a splendid dazzling palace, a jewel embedded robe wearing middle aged man sat in the middle of the study room while reading a book.

“Your majesty, a message courier has arrived.” A respectful but deep voice called out from outside the room.

Hearing that, the middle aged man slowly put down his book and looked towards the entrance of his room. “Come in.” He stated. This middle aged man was the emperor of the Gesun Kingdom--Ka De Sen.

As the emperor spoke, the doors to the study room opened, and a man wearing a black pao entered. He was approximately 30 years old and quickly walked into the room; when he was within 30 steps away from the emperor he immediately stopped where he was and knelt down onto his knees, “Your majesty, a letter just came from headmaster Ka Fei Er in Kargath Academy.”

Originally, the emperor didn’t care at all for the letter, but the moment he had heard the name Ka Fei Er, his face immediately grew solemn and placed the book down onto the table. “Bring me the message now.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!” A nearby bodyguard standing next to the emperor respectfully responded. He immediately took the letter in his hand, and closely inspected it. Only after confirming there were no problems with it did he walk up and hand it over to the emperor.

The emperor took the letter and immediately opened it. His calm face gradually began to form a smile, as he murmured, “This Changyang Xiang Tian is indeed a heavenly genius. Not only did he defeat a Saint while being at the 8th Saint Force layer, he also managed to defeat a middle-ranked Saint when he was only at the 10th layer. Moreover, he had successfully condensed his Saint Weapon at the age of 15. This is definitely a genius; it’s no wonder that he received so much praise from Uncle. With Uncle’s insight, he naturally can distinguish certain people. If Uncle recommends Changyang Xiang Tian to this extent, then I should be doing something about it as well.”

“Changyang Xiang Tian has the Changyang clan backing him, even more so since he’s the fourth master. It looks like getting ahold of him will be impossible. In that case, I can only try my hardest to seduce him. Although the Changyang clan has already been silent for a dozen years, the inside information about their clan is still true; their strength cannot be underestimated, and is enough for me to act. Since it is so, I’ll just do this.” The emperor seemed to have decided on something as he immediately said, “Servants, fetch me pen and ink.”

Soon afterwards, the chamberlain arrived with the pen and ink ready. The emperor grasped the pen and began to smoothly write out his words. He delicately picked up the paper and reread the words written on it, before slowly folding it up and leaving the study.

With the scroll in hand, the emperor was escorted by a group of guards sticking tightly to him through layers after layers of halls, before finally entering a beautiful courtyard.

When the emperor had just stepped into the courtyard, a 50-60 year old elder came out from a room within the courtyard. He calmly looked at the emperor and smiled, “So it was Your Majesty that had arrived. Please come in.”

The emperor walked up to the elder, not yet entering the room. He handed the scroll in his hand to the elder, and solemnly said, “Senior Ye Ming, this is an extremely important letter that I want you to personally deliver to Lore City’s Changyang clan.”

Hearing this, the elder’s face grew more serious. He reached out to receive the scroll from the emperor’s hand and said, “Your Majesty, don’t worry. I will definitely deliver this letter.” The elder clearly understood that since he was being sent to personally deliver the letter, it definitely was not just about a simple matter.

After the letter in his hand was sent out, the emperor inwardly sighed, as he thought to himself, “Yue Er, for the sake of our kingdom’s development, for the sake of our kingdom’s future, your father has no choice but to sacrifice you.

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