Chapter 56: 7th Level of the Library
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 56: 7th Level of the Library

Early next morning, the cross legged Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. He had not been cultivating for the past 2 days, and instead was spending his days at the library reading books. Every night, he immersed himself with trying to understand the sword within his dantian, in order to learn to use his Saint Weapon as efficiently as possible.

After all, Jian Chen had only recently broken through to Sainthood, and even though the Saint Weapon within him was connected to his mind, he still didn’t know how to use the Saint Weapon to perfection. Jian Chen, who had experience from the previous world, still found the Saint Weapon in this world a fresh new experience. If he didn’t spend his time familiarizing himself with it, then even with the Saint Weapon being able to connect to his soul like the tree branch did, it would still be very hard to show off the pinnacle of his strength.

The reason for this was the same as a person had a severed arm for ten to twenty years, but the arm suddenly grew back. Since that person was familiar with living with a severed arm and now had to face the newly grown arm, they would also be a bit unfamiliar to his condition. This development required time to slowly accept and become comfortable with.

Standing up from his bed, Jian Chen walked out of his room and headed towards the dining halls. Then as per usual, after eating, he headed to the library.

The doors to the library were already open, but there weren’t many people inside; just the regular janitorial lady.

Jian Chen looked at the nearly empty library and then walked towards the 5th level of the library. For the past few days, all of the books he had been interested in, from the first to fourth level, have all been completely read by him.

The library had a total of 7 levels. The first two levels could be accessed by anyone below the Saint level while the 3rd and 4th levels would be opened to those who broke through to the Saint level. The 5th level of the library wasn’t open to any student except for the Freshman Champion, so for those who wanted to read the books from that level, they would have to be a teacher from the academy. The 6th and 7th layer of the library was protected by very strong bindings, and only the headmaster and vice headmaster could enter. For those who wanted to enter, they would need the strict approval of either the headmaster or vice headmaster first.

Even though the fifth story of the library wasn’t open to the students, Jian Chen, who had achieved the first place in the Freshman Competition, could freely enter the fifth level.

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