Chapter 57: Arranged Marriage
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 57: Arranged Marriage

Jian Chen took in a deep breath to calm himself down before walking towards the bookshelves. His eyes swept over the shelves one by one before finally taking out a single book. He walked towards the center of the floor to a table and sat down. The book was for those who gained insights as well as techniques for breaking through a bottleneck. Even Earth Saint Masters could benefit from the notes clearly written on it

Although there weren’t many books on this level, but the quality of the content inside was of the utmost quality. If any one of these books were to be released to the common populace, then it would cause a widespread reign of carnage for it.

Jian Chen slowly flipped the pages of the book one by one as he read it. Soon the book was finished off by him, causing Jian Chen to sink into meditation. Whatever book he grabbed had led to his eyes being opened wide to the world of possibilities. The cultivation system in this world had already long since toppled the system in his previous world. With this book, Jian Chen felt like he had a stronger understanding of this world’s cultivation system now.

Not too long after, Jian Chen had finished reading a dozen book from the shelves. Half of the books talked about insights on cultivation as well as the problems a cultivator might experience. The other half were books about cultivation techniques, but the strongest of these techniques were only at the Upper Earth Tier level. What Jian Chen had found most helpful was the personal letter from Kargath Academy’s first headmaster Brian.

Jian Chen’s eyes swept over to the Purple Coin box; according to the headmaster, the Purple Coin box contained a Primary Heaven Tier technique. Although Jian Chen didn’t have a clear idea of how valuable a Heaven Tier technique was, but he did know that it was still quite the priceless treasure.

After all, the Heaven Tier techniques was the second strongest type of technique on the Tian Yuan continent. There was only one other tier higher than it--Saint Tier.

Jian Chen slowly opened the

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