Chapter 3336: The Divine Armour of Heavenflight
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3336: The Divine Armour of Heavenflight

In the Scarlet Blood Domain, Jian Chen arrived before the Divine Palace of Scarlet Blood very soon, but this time, it was clearly different from the Jade Centre Domain and the Grand Heaven Domain. No one welcomed him upon his arrival. Instead, all the experts in the Divine Palace of Scarlet Blood behaved like they were confronting a powerful enemy.

The entire Divine Palace of Scarlet Blood was basically on guard.

After all, they could still vividly recall how Jian Chen and the Blood Slaughter Ruler confronted one another outside Magic Emperor city with their swords drawn, almost engaging each other in battle.

As one of the three rulers, as well as the most powerful expert in the current Wood Spirits World, the Blood Slaughter Ruler had shied away after Jian Chen’s threats, which not only humiliated him, but also impacted the influence of the entire Scarlet Blood Domain.

As a result, basically all of the experts in the Divine Palace of Scarlet Blood viewed the new lord of the Peace region with hostility.

“Hahahaha, sure enough, you’ve come, Jian Chen.” With a great laugh, the Blood Slaughter Ruler suddenly appeared. His laughter was filled with icy coldness.

He hovered outside the Divine Palace of Scarlet Blood, staring coldly at Jian Chen in the carriage. Clearly, he did not welcome Jian Chen.

With a flash, Jian Chen appeared outside the carriage like he had teleported. He hovered in the air in the same seated position while his gaze was indifferent. He was very calm.

Xia Jianming and Bai Yurou on the two sides of the carriage behaved like they were facing a powerful enemy. They had never been so stern before.

After all, they were directly facing a ruler, and their relationship clearly was not so friendly, which gave them extremely great pressure.

“Blood Slaughter, looks like you know why I’m here.” Jian Chen was unafraid, locking eyes with the Blood Slaughter Ruler calmly.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s gaze gradually sharpened. His eyes shone coldly. His gaze immediately became as sharp as swords, filled with undisguised killing intent. He sneered and said, “Jian Chen, you’ve come for Lifesoul Flowers, haven’t you?”

“That’s right!” Jian Chen nodded.

“Hahahaha!” The Blood Slaughter Ruler laughed. A Space Ring appeared in his hand. In the next moment, Lifesoul Flowers drifted out from the Space Ring, varying in quality and reaching alarming numbers. They filled the entire space there, amounting to three thousand at the very least.

Seeing the Blood Slaughter Ruler do this, Jian Chen immediately frowned.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler sneered at Jian Chen. There was a sense of viciousness in his smile. “I’ve gathered all the Lifesoul Flowers in the Scarlet Blood Domain here. Unfortunately. I have no plans on giving these Lifesoul Flowers to you.”

With that, a terrifying energy immediately rose up from the Blood Slaughter Ruler, sweeping towards the Lifesoul Flowers as a storm of destruction without any hesitation.

Immediately, the several thousand Lifeso

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