Chapter 3337: The Immensity Heavenly King
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3337: The Immensity Heavenly King

Jian Chen returned to the Peace Ruler’s divine palace with a large number of Lifesoul Flowers.

As soon as he got back, he immediately entered secluded cultivation.

“I’ve truly achieved a bountiful harvest from my trips to the Jade Centre Domain, Grand Heaven Domain, and Scarlet Blood Domain this time. I just wonder how much my soul will recover from the Lifesoul Flowers this time.” In the secret room, Jian Chen gazed at the large quantity of Lifesoul Flowers and smiled eagerly.

However, he was not in a hurry to heal his soul. Instead, he took out over a dozen Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime sacred beast inner cores and ingested them one by one.

The damage to his soul could not be healed quickly and required nourishing over time. However, his physical injuries were different. He had already cleansed ninety percent of the laws lingering in his wounds from the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core. Only the last ten percent remained now, so it was easier to deal with.

As the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime sacred beast inner core entered his belly, an explosive power spread through Jian Chen’s body. At the same time, wisps of mysterious power seeped out from the inner core, removing the power of laws lingering in his injuries.

The inner core of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime struggled to match the inner core of the Demonic Dragon Ruler, so the energy from the first inner core dissipated very quickly. Only a tiny bit of the laws in his wounds had been cleansed.

Jian Chen began to ingest the other inner cores without stopping. Only when he used up all the inner cores he had obtained from the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Grand Heaven Ruler did the laws of the Wood Spirits World that haunted him like a ghost finally vanish completely.

Without the interference of the laws, Jian Chen’s injuries began to close at a visible rate.

In just a few minutes, Jian Chen’s exposed injuries had completely closed up.

I’ve finally made a complete recovery from my physical injuries.” Jian Chen smiled

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