Chapter 3338: Establishing Reputation
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3338: Establishing Reputation

The news that the Immensity Heavenly King had his body destroyed and his soul imprisoned by the Peace Ruler immediately spread through the Peace region, followed by the Jade Centre Domain, the Grand Heaven Domain, and the Scarlet Blood Domain. It shook up the entire Wood Spirits World.

After all, he was a heavenly king, someone only second to rulers in the Wood Spirits World. Every single heavenly king enjoyed a highly revered position. Even the three rulers would treat them as honoured guests.

However, such an impressive heavenly king had ended up in such a miserable state now, which immediately changed how all the experts in the Wood Spirits World viewed the lord of the Peace region.

In short, the Immensity Heavenly King’s fate struck fear and reverence towards the Peace Ruler into the hearts of many experts of the Wood Spirits.

“Did you see it? That’s the Immensity Heavenly King. His soul has been imprisoned by the Peace Ruler before being hung outside the Divine Palace of Peace.”

“Sigh, a mighty heavenly king has ended up in such a miserable state. How lamentable.”

“Why does the Peace Ruler seem so ill-tempered? I need to make sure that I show him my utmost respect when I see him in the future. I can’t afford to show any disrespect.”


Primordial realm experts constantly entered and departed from the Divine Palace of Peace. They were all experts scattered through the Peace region. They came either because they had something to report or wanted to make some kind of offering. All of them behaved with great caution.

They noticed the Immensity Heavenly King who hung outside the Divine Palace of Peace immediately and discussion filled with mixed feelings broke out.

The four illusionary figures conjured from the four souls were immobilised, but they remained conscious.

As they hung outside the divine palace like ornaments for everyone to see, their faces became extremely ugly from the tremendous sense of humiliation.

“Sir, I understand my mistake. I hope you can show us some mercy and spare us this time.” The Immensity Heavenly King who refused to accept this lowered his proud head and sent a message into the Divine Palace of Peace submissively, but he did not receive any reply.

With no other choice, the Immensity Heavenly King used a secret technique and communicated with the distant Grand Heaven Domain, “Heaven Fighting Ruler, I request your assistance.”

The Immensity Heavenly King and the Heaven Fighting Ruler had some history. The Heaven Fighting Ruler even ended up owing him a favour in the past, so right now, he could only seek help from him.

Very soon, the Immensity Heavenly King’s call for assistance was answered. The Heaven Fighting Ruler personally visited the Divine Palace of Peace with a gift.

Jian Chen sat with the Heaven Fighting Ruler in the Divine Palace of Peace. Bai Yurou stood to the side like a maidservant, personally pouring tea for the two rulers.

“Heaven Fighting, have you come here personally because of the Immensity

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