Chapter 3339: An Aloof Clan
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3339: An Aloof Clan

“It’s about time for me to investigate the secret of the Peace region.” Jian Chen sat on his wheelchair in the Divine Palace of Peace. His gaze passed through the obstructions of the various structures and gazed at the vast outside world. He murmured to himself, “The Blood Slaughter Ruler is so determined to make the Peace region his. Both the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler don’t believe this is as simple as it seems on the surface. They both suspect that the Peace region is hiding some kind of secret.”

“But what exactly will this secret be?” Jian Chen was slightly intrigued. Then he raised his head and looked at the green sun in the sky subconsciously.

The green sun was the sovereign god artifact of the Wood Spirits, the Source of Life.

To him, there were no secrets of the Wood Spirits more important than the sovereign god artifact, but he was also aware that before his soul had returned to its peak condition, he was completely unqualified to go after the sovereign god artifact.

In the next moment, Jian Chen vanished. He left the Divine Palace of Peace alone before searching through the entire Peace region. The senses of a powerful soul engulfed the entire sky and land. He carried out a close search of the entire Peace region.

He searched very closely, without sparing any corners, including every inch of space and land. He did not even spare deep underground.

His close search only took three days. Jian Chen had searched the entire Peace region in that time, but he found nothing.

However, Jian Chen had been expecting all of this. The Peace region had already existed for countless years. He was certain that both Heaven Fighting and Jade Heaven had searched through the entire place multiple times during this lengthy period. If the secret hidden in the Peace region really was that easy to find, it would not be a secret anymore.

Don’t tell me it only appears at a specific time and location? Or perhaps the secret can’t be found with the senses of the soul.” Jian Chen sank into his thoughts as h

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