Chapter 3335: A Matter of Time
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3335: A Matter of Time

“Are you very surprised by how I’ve given you what you needed in such a straightforward fashion?” the Jade Heaven Ruler glanced at Jian Chen and said indifferently.

“I am indeed. After all, before I came here, I was actually already prepared to bargain with you.” smiled Jian Chen.

“Normally, I’d definitely bargain with you over these resources. You would not even be able to obtain so much so easily. However, given the current circumstances, we’re both under threat from the Blood Slaughter Ruler.”

“The threat of the Blood Slaughter Ruler has allowed the three of us to gather together. You can say we’re on the same boat. At the same time, you are crucial to keeping the Blood Slaughter Ruler at bay, so we obviously don’t wish for anything to happen to you given the situation.”

“You’re injured, so both the Heaven Fighting Ruler and I hope that you can recover as soon as possible. That way, if you really do end up facing Blood Slaughter alone some day, you’ll be able to protect yourself a little more,” the Jade Heaven Ruler said seriously.

“Am I incapable of protecting myself if I face Blood Slaughter alone in the Jade Heaven Ruler’s eyes?” Jian Chen smiled.

The Jade Heaven Ruler shook her head gently. “Jian Chen, we all know that you don’t fear the Blood Slaughter Ruler when you’re prepared. You even leave him wary of you. However, are you able to remain on guard constantly?”

Jian Chen smiled without answering her. No one in the Wood Spirits World knew his true strength apart from himself. The Jade Heaven Ruler’s worries were absolutely nothing to him.

The Jade Heaven Ruler continued, “Right now, the person that the Blood Slaughter Ruler hates the most is not me or Heaven Fighting, but you. It is not just because you humiliated him in front of so many people, but also because you’re the largest obstacle to him conquering the Peace region.”

“Not only is Blood Slaughter very ambitious, but he’s extremely vengeful as well. Both Heaven Fighting and I are very worried about you. After all, direct confrontations are easy to handle, but underhanded methods are not. No one can say that Blood Slaughter won’t do something against you secretly.”

“Sigh. Actually, if you used your trump card and directly killed the Blood Slaughter Ruler, everything would be much simpler.” The Jade Heaven Ruler sighed softly with a sense of helplessness. She was unable to force Jian Chen to use the Profound Sword Qi, but if Jian Chen really died to the Blood Slaughter Ruler, Heaven Fighting and her peaceful days would be up.

At this moment, an Infinite Prime entered the hall and handed a Space Ring to the Jade Heaven Ruler politely.

The Jade Heaven Ruler accepted the Space Ring and eight jade boxes floated out one by one, levitating before Jian Chen and opening automatically.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

A powerful pulse of energy immediately appeared. Each jade box contained the inner core of a sacred beast, which shone with dazzling light.


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