Chapter 3334: The Peace Ruler
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3334: The Peace Ruler

“The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King sure knows how to create trouble. He’s actually made so many enemies.” Jian Chen shook his head speechlessly before turning to Bai Yurou. “Bai Yurou, you have some grievances with the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King. Now that he’s serving me, what are your thoughts?”

Bai Yurou’s gaze became slightly mixed in response. She bowed slightly. “The difference in strength between me and the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King is overly large. I’ve yet to consider the matter of revenge.”

Jian Chen said in thought, “However, as long as I’m around, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King won’t be able to harm you. But I will be leaving some day. Once I’m gone, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King probably won’t spare you without me holding him back. As a result, you need to focus on increasing your strength during this period.”

“Your grievances with Ceremonial Bell can only be resolved through your own efforts!”

“I’m already filled with gratitude over how senior protected the White Emperor’s faction. I would never ask for anything more than that!” Bai Yurou immediately cupped her fist.

“Yeah.” Jian Chen nodded and said in thought, “But you don’t have to worry too much. When the time comes, you can just join Jade Heaven. With your talent, that’s obviously nothing difficult.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen discussed some details with Jian Feng and Li Jiangshan. Only several hours later did he leave the Sword Emperor’s estate with Xia Jianming and Bai Yurou, returning to the Xia Merchant Union’s courtyard.

At the same time, Jian Feng handed over all of the tax revenue Sword Emperor city had gathered over the past few years, becoming the first emperor to pay his dues out of the nine emperors.

The tax revenue of an imperial city obviously included the government income from all of the towns and villages. It was an extremely tremendous sum.

After Sword Emperor city, the eight other imperial cities handed over their tax revenue and various other sources of income and wealth very soon, such that Jian Chen gathered a tremendous amount of wealth in a short amount of time.

This could be described as an astronomical sum in the Wood Spirits World, enough to leave countless people green with envy. However, it was nothing to Jian Chen, as he had seen his fair share of things before.

Compared to the Tian Yuan clan, the tax revenue of the Peace region was insignificant.

However, it happened to serve a great purpose for him right now.

Afterwards, Jian Chen handed all of the revenue to Xia Jianming so that he could manage it. He simply tossed all of his affairs to the people around him.

Three days later, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King who patrolled the Peace region returned to Jian Chen’s side and handed over several dozen Space Rings. He said politely, “Sir, there are six imperial cities that have tried to conceal some of their revenue. I’ve chased it all down now. Please check through them!”

Jian Chen scanned through them with the senses of his soul. There was another gre

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