Chapter 3333: A Lowly Heavenly King
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3333: A Lowly Heavenly King

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King walked in before everyone. His expression was very respectful as he maintained a bow. It was like he would never straighten himself up unless he received Jian Chen’s order.

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King left all the Infinite Primes present shocked.

Heavenly kings were paramount existences that stood above all Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, only second to rulers.

People like that were only a step away from becoming rulers themselves. They could be described as existences infinitesimally close to rulers.

Yet now, one of them was publicly declaring his loyalty.

How could they not be shocked?

If a heavenly king really wanted to swear loyalty towards a ruler, they only had to make the tiniest gesture to immediately become an honoured guest of the ruler. Was there any need to do this?

However, Bai Yurou and Xia Jianming seemed extremely calm as if they had grown accustomed to this a long time ago. After all, they had already witnessed this sight once before.

Strictly speaking, this was the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King’s second attempt at expressing his loyalty.

“Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King, I think you should just give up on that thought.” Jian Chen sighed gently. He stared at the bowing Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King below and smiled craftily. In the next moment, an ancestral imprint appeared in his hand. He said to the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King, “Do you want this ancestral imprint back?”

As soon as the ancestral imprint appeared, a mysterious presence permeated the surroundings, which drew over everyone’s attention.

For a moment, several dozen pairs of eyes from Infinite Primes all became fixed on the ancestral imprint. Their eyes were filled with undisguised envy.

It was exactly because the nine heavenly kings all possessed an ancestral imprint each that they could stand out from the rest.

“No, t-this is the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King’s ancestral imprint!” At this moment, a cry rang out from the crowd.

Everyone immediately sensed it closely. Sure enough, they discovered a wisp of presence that belonged to the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King from the ancestral imprint.

So the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King’s ancestral imprint was taken by the ruler right from the beginning!” Everyone immediately understood what had happened. The way they looked at the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King immediately changed slightly too.

Without the ancestral imprint, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King was no longer worthy of being a heavenly king. He was only a regular Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. He did not possess as much prestige or influence as before.

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King’s expression changed slightly. Jian Chen had without a doubt announced to everyone that he had already lost the position of a heavenly king with that. What he worried about the most had still ended up occurring.

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King sighed inside, but he did not regret coming here. He accepted this and continued

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