Chapter 3328: The Fourth Ruler
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3328: The Fourth Ruler

Xia Jianming, Bai Yurou, and the Sword Emperor remained in place in the courtyard of the Xia Merchant Union. They did not even pace around.

Their eyes were all fixed in the same direction—the direction where the three rulers clashed.

None of them dared to use the senses of their souls, as that would be viewed as an insult to the rulers, an act of disrespect. As a result, they could only look over with their eyes.

Of course, all they could vaguely see were a few dark specks.

After all, they were too far away, several tens of thousand kilometres away!

“The three rulers have stopped!” The Sword Emperor’s voice was slightly excited as if a great burden had finally been lifted from his shoulders.

The Sword Emperor did not know what had happened exactly, but he was aware that the disaster that Sword Emperor city was about to face had been temporarily averted.

“Fellow Jian Chen has saved the millions of lives of my Sword Emperor city. All of the residents in Sword Emperor city will never forget about his great kindness.” The Sword Emperor was rather emotional. He also felt extremely fortunate. He felt fortunate that a supreme expert dwelled in Sword Emperor city, or Sword Emperor city would be done for today.

At the same time, a noisy disturbance could be vaguely heard outside the courtyard, together with the rumbling of energy collisions.

“Run! Everyone, run! The three rulers are about to reach Sword Emperor city! They’ve already levelled countless cities along the way!”

“Run away from Sword Emperor city!”

“How dare you! This belongs to our Luo family! Who dares to steal it!?”

“Hahahaha, you don’t even know if you can preserve your Luo family before a disaster caused by rulers. Who still cares about this? Once I rob you all, I’ll just flee to the Scarlet Blood Domain.”

The many cultivators in Sword Emperor city were clearly aware of the incoming disaster that Sword Emperor city was about to face. Some fled for their lives, while others used this opportunity to rob the households and sto

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