Chapter 3327: The Lord of the Peace Region (Three)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3327: The Lord of the Peace Region (Three)

“Hmph, Jade Heaven, Heaven Fighting, did you ever ask me when you wanted to give the Peace region away for free? As long as I don’t agree, this isn’t something that just the two of you can decide,” the Blood Slaughter Ruler said sternly. He had schemed after the Peace region for several tens of thousand years already. Since he had already taken this step forward, he could not afford to fail.

Right now, only he was aware of how special the Peace region was. He had also deduced this secret several tens of thousand years ago in a tattered book of records.

Jian Chen said nothing. Faced with the temptation of the Peace region, he remained unfazed and uninterested. He had seen and experienced his fair share of things. Let alone a place as small as the Peace region, even the entire Wood Spirits World could not interest him.

“Fellow Jian Chen already stands at the same height as us, so he deserves to possess a territory of his own. Blood Slaughter, are you implying that fellow Jian Chen is supposed to remain in secluded cultivation and live like a hermit?” The Jade Heaven Ruler sneered.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler laughed. “Actually, there’s another option. Fellow Jian Chen, use your trump card and kill the Blood Slaughter Ruler. That way, the Scarlet Blood Domain will become fellow Jian Chen’s territory. The Scarlet Blood Domain is so vast that there’s no way the Peace region can match it.”

“Yeah, that’s not a bad idea,” the Jade Heaven Ruler said, expressing her agreement.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s face darkened. He ground his teeth. “How calculating of you. Even if Jian Chen is supposed to kill someone, that should be you, Heaven Fighting, as you’re the weakest. You would take the least amount of effort to kill. As for me, I now possess eight ancestral imprints protecting me, so fellow Jian Chen’s trump card might not be enough to claim my life.”


However, as soon as the Blood Slaughter Ruler said that, Jian Chen suddenly broke his silence. He smiled mysteriously and stared at the Blood Slaughter Ruler, saying calmly, “Is the Blood Slaughter Ruler really that confident that you can stop my trump card? We might as well try it then, as I’m also extremely curious about whether my trump card can instantly snuff out the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s soul like how it did to the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s.”

Ever since the Blood Slaughter Ruler went back on his word regarding the demonic dragon’s inner core, Jian Chen did not have any good impression of him.

However, when he said that, the three rulers all held their breaths and looked over.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s expression became as ugly as it could be. He rapidly raised his guard. “Jian Chen, I was only joking. It would be extremely detrimental to you if you were to take it seriously. After all, you haven’t obtained your trump card easily. If you use it on me, whether I perish or not, do you think Jade Heaven and Heaven Fighting will spare you since they’re no longer deterred by your trump card?”

“After all, y

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