Chapter 3326: The Lord of the Peace Region (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3326: The Lord of the Peace Region (Two)

Several tens of thousand kilometres away from Sword Emperor city, a ball of resplendent light shot across the sky above a barren grassland. It was like a meteor, vanishing into the distance with extremely great speed.

Deafening rumbles echoed within the ball of light, together with powerful pulses of energy, which formed a terrifying storm that swept through the air.

Three figures vaguely appeared in the ball of light. They brushed past one another with lightning speed. Whenever they clashed, there would be a violent explosion. The residual sword Qi and energy rained down on the land below, immediately covering it with holes. Colossal pits appeared one after another.

This was the battle between the Heaven Fighting Ruler, the Jade Heaven Ruler, and the Blood Slaughter Ruler. They moved as they fought with extremely great speeds, almost crossing through a good part of the Peace region. Currently, they approached Sword Emperor city rapidly.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler fought against the two of them and had already gained the upper hand. He forced the Jade Heaven Ruler and Heaven Fighting Ruler to work together, just in case they were defeated individually.

With eight ancestral imprints, the Blood Slaughter Ruler had already become the undisputed strongest in the Wood Spirits World!

“Three rulers, exactly how great is your feud that you fight with such intensity?”

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But at this moment, a voice that the three rulers found familiar rang out from the distance. A figure in white robes silently appeared in the path of the three rulers, levitating in the air in the same seated position as always.

He was obviously Jian Chen, who had rushed over here from Sword Emperor city!

“It’s you?”

The three rulers immediately recognised him, which made their eyes narrow. Even the expression of the Blood Slaughter Ruler could not help but change when he saw Jian Chen despite his eight ancestral imprints.

The sight of Jian Chen directly destroying one of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s heads clearly appeared in the minds of the three rulers again. All three rulers feared the Profound Sword Qi in Jian Chen’s possession.

The Demonic Dragon Ruler was so powerful, yet it could not even withstand a single strand of Profound Sword Qi from him. The power behind the Profound Sword Qi gave them chills.

The three rulers that were locked in an intense battle all stopped fighting with Jian Chen’s appearance. They hovered in the air, all staring at him.

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