Chapter 3033: The Grand Exalts Return
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3033: The Grand Exalts Return

“I- I don’t know.” Changyang Mingyue sat down on the snowy ground and hugged her knees. She was confused and helpless.

Jian Chen gazed at Changyang Mingyue with mixed emotions. His heart weighed extremely heavily because he could not help but recall the incidents involving the Snow Goddess that he had heard from He Qianchi.

It was not just He Qianchi. Even ancestor Lan who possessed supreme status in the Heavenly Crane clan had said the same thing.

Actually, Jian Chen was already aware of the possible changes to Changyang Mingyue once her memories returned to her, and he had prepared himself mentally a long time ago.

However, despite that, his heart still weighed extremely heavily when he truly faced this. He refused to accept it.

He was aware that if the situation really was like what He Qianchi and ancestor Lan had described, then the lengthy experiences of the Snow Goddess would turn into a turbulent river of time once her sister recovered the Snow Goddess’s memories. It would instantly smash apart Changyang Mingyue’s transient memories of this life.

By then, the Snow Goddess’s memories would completely dominate Changyang Mingyue. Everything she experienced on the Tian Yuan Continent would become a tiny aside to the Snow Goddess.

On top of that, Jian Chen understood that his sister had probably already arrived at the final moments of recovering her memories given the current situation.

Perhaps she could temporarily halt this process under her stubbornness and make some time for now, but she definitely could not prevent it.

The comprehension of ways that belonged to the Snow Goddess had already begun. The powers of the Snow Goddess’s Laws of Ice had already begun to manifest here. The Snow Goddess’s memories would return sooner or later.

This was akin to a person losing their memories and forgetting about the past for some reason, only for the lost memories to suddenly return one day. They had no other choice but to accept the path that lay ahead of them. They could not resist it, nor could they prevent it.

Some peak experts of the Saints’ World could use their exceptional abilities to forcefully sever a part of their memories, but Changyang Mingyue’s strength was clearly nowhere near enough for that.

On top of that, the Snow Goddess’s return did not only come with her life of memories, but also her cultivation, which happened to be her comprehension of the ways of the world.

Jian Chen crossed his legs and sat down beside Changyang Mingyue. He gazed at the snowy-white world and entered a daze. His spirits were low. He felt lost.

Only after a very long period of silence did he finally speak up. He said sternly, “If it comes out, then let it come out. There’s no need to go out of your way to prevent it, as it is the true you.”

That seemed to take Jian Chen very great courage to say. When he said that, he felt like his heart was being torn apart. It was unbearable. He even found breathing difficult.

He was unable to imagine that the lively and optimistic sister beside him would become as cold and emotionless as the Snow Goddess one day.

However, he also understood that numerous people on the Ice Pole Plane were eyeing the Snow Goddess right now. The Icepeer Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect only happened to be one that had surfaced. There were probably even more of them lurking in the dark.

If he wanted to change this situation, then there was only one method right now, which also happened to be the simplest and fastest.

That was to make the Snow Goddess’s memories awaken!

Shui Yunlan and he had brought a vast quantity of resources with them during this visit. Once the Snow Goddess’s memories awakened, her cultivation could rapidly increase with the assistance of these resources.

In other words, even if the Snow Goddess’s cultivation did not return to her prime, at least she possessed the same comprehension as the past. With her level of comprehension, she was a force to be reckoned with even if her cultivation had not recovered.

Changyang Mingyue trembled gently. Her eyes were deep with fear. “B- b- but it’s so cold, so emotionless, and so terrifying. I- I can vaguely sense it.”

“Brother, I’m so scared. I’m scared I’ll be influenced by it once it comes out and completely become an entirely different person, forgetting about the Tian Yuan Continent, forgetting about the Changyang clan in Lore City, forgetting about you, forgetting about my parents, forgetting about big brother, and third brother, o- or even everything I experienced in this life.”

Jian Chen turned his head and stared at Changyang Mingyue seriously. He comforted her. “You don’t have to worry, much less be afraid, sister. Open your mind and accept yourself boldly. No matter how you turn out, no matter how cold and emotionless you become, you’ll always be my sister. Always.”

“Even if you actually forget about everything you’ve experienced in this life, I’ll find a way for you to remember it again as long as I’m still around.”

Jian Chen’s consolation was useless. The worry and unease on Changyang Mingyue’s face remained the same as before, as her instincts vaguely told her that the situation probably was nowhere as simple as Jian Chen had imagined.

“Brother, stay a little longer with me, alright? I’m worried. I’m worried this is the last time we’ll see each other.”

Jian Chen held back his sorrow and nodded silently.


The celebration for the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt had already come to an end. By now, the various spatial battleships gathered outside the Overarching Heaven Plane had already departed, so the clan recovered its usual peace.

In the depths of the Overarching Heaven clan, the new Grand Exalt hovered in the air in a seated posture with his eyes closed. He was connecting with the world, sensing the ways and communicating with the laws.

At that moment, he seemed to become an embodiment of the ways of the world. He represented the paramount law. He represented the vast cosmos.

“I didn’t think there would actually be so many secrets in the world, as well as so many unsolved mysteries. Sure enough, you just can’t come to a true understanding with the world that we depend on unless you reach this realm.” At this moment, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt opened his eyes slowly. His eyes that seemed as deep as the universe were filled with surprise and mixed emotions.

“But even when I reach this realm, connect with the ways, and peer into the deepest secrets of the world, I still can’t find those answers. Sigh.” The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt sighed gently.

But at this moment, he sensed something, and he suddenly gazed into the vast cosmos. His eyes seemed to pierce the universe, crossing through countless spaces and countless worlds, allowing him to see into the unknown.

“They’ve returned.”

The moment the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt said that, the three thousand ways across the entire Saints’ World suddenly began to shake as if a power they stood no chance against had suddenly descended upon this world, influencing the three thousand ways and interfering with the operation of the laws in this world.

As the three thousand great ways shook, a heavy, blood-red colour abruptly enveloped the entire universe. There was an unimaginably powerful vital energy within the blood-red colour.

“It’s Bloodtear. He’s actually injured.” The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s face changed immediately.

After becoming a sovereign of the world, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt seemed to step into an entirely different domain. Rarely could anything in the world perturb him.

But at this moment, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt truly struggled to remain calm. His emotions fluctuated.

The Devour Plane was one of the seven sacred planes, as well as where the Bloodtear Grand Exalt cultivated.

At this moment, in the most holy place on the Devour Plane, a supreme throne stood on the top of a blood-red divine hall. Blood suddenly began to surge above there as if a figure condensed from blood had appeared from thin air. The moment he appeared, blood sprayed from his mouth uncontrollably.

Moreover, following that, a large part of the colossal vital energy condensed around him immediately collapsed.

“Master, y- y- you’re injured.” With a flash, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord dressed in astral robes appeared there. He gazed at the figure on the throne of supremacy and became shocked.

At the same time, the Laws of Destruction, Fire, and Creation that were so powerful that they made space shake appeared in the depths of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng on the Prosper Plane. A blurry figure appeared out of thin air there. They radiated with might and were wrapped in the endless glyphs of the ways. They were extremely terrifying.

With a flash, the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng appeared. She gazed at the figure wrapped in the glyphs with surprise and exclaimed, “I sense a hint of Samsaric’s presence. Master, you were caught in a battle?”

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“We encountered people from the Immortals’ and Demons’ World. For the sake of a strand of Ancient Chaos Qi and a Chaos Fruit of Ways, Bloodtear and I ended up clashing with Samsaric and Waymight, as well as Myriad Ghosts of the Demons’ World. Unfortunately, the strand of Ancient Chaos Qi ended up in the hands of Waymight from the Immortals’ World.” The Anatta Grand Exalt’s voice rang out.

“I know about the Samsaric Immortal Exalt of the Immortals’ World and the Myriad Ghosts Demon Exalt of the Demons’ World, but this Waymight-” Yi Xin’s face changed slightly. She had already realised something.

“He’s a new sovereign birthed by the Immortals’ World. His name is Daowei Fatian, a member of the Waymight clan among the twelve courts of heaven,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“It’s actually him? I didn’t think that someone who had once suffered a defeat at my hand would overcome the final obstacle.” Yi Xin was anything but calm. She was filled with mixed feelings.

“Yi Xin, Daowei Fatian might not have been your opponent in the past, but you must never underestimate him now. Although he’s only broken through recently, he possesses a strange treasure. The treasure possesses unfathomable might. Through this strange treasure, he heavily injured Bloodtear,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“What? Senior Bloodtear was injured by Daowei Fatian?” This time, Yi Xin was truly shocked. Even with her mental fortitude, she almost lost her composure.

She struggled to imagine that Daowei Fatian who had once suffered defeat at her hand had actually grown to a level where even Bloodtear stood no chance.

“Daowei Fatian’s strength is nothing of concern, but the strange treasure he possesses actually makes me feel threatened. Yi Xin, since you’ve gathered Ancient Paths’ final soul fragment, then hand it over to me. I’ll make Ancient Paths’ return as soon as possible. That item forged by Ancient Paths might be our only chance at contending against Daowei Fatian’s strange treasure.”

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