Chapter 3032: Changyang Mingyue
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3032: Changyang Mingyue

In the completely-sealed miniature world, the boundless snow and ice became the only colour present.

Subtle pulses of space suddenly appeared in a certain region within this world. Then, Jian Chen and Shui Yunlan appeared there.

An icy coldness attacked them the moment they arrived in this world, which made Jian Chen shiver uncontrollably. Without any energy to protect him, he became covered in a thin layer of glistening ice crystals in the blink of an eye.

The miniature world was far colder than the Ice Pole Plane.

Jian Chen studied the world around him. He discovered that there was nothing else worthy of notice apart from the snowy-white colour.

Compared to the Ice Pole Plane, the miniature world was clearly much simpler.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to where her majesty is,” Shui Yunlan said. She travelled towards the end of the miniature world with Jian Chen and arrived before a palace of ice and snow in the end.

Jian Chen shuddered as soon as he saw the palace. He became filled with shock.

He could tell with a single glance that the palace was not some god artifact. It seemed to be condensed from the ways of the world, woven from the orders of the world.

Jian Chen felt like he was facing the supreme heavenly ways as he stood before the palace.

It was like an embodiment of the ways, almighty and supreme, standing above all life, above all existence!

“The great Ice Goddess specially created this miniature world for the Snow Goddess. The great Ice Goddess seemed to have foresaw today a long time ago, which was why she specially created this place for her majesty to recuperate in. Her majesty is in the palace right ahead. Come with me,” Shui Yunlan said gently. Her emotions upheaved slightly as if she was rather unsettled and worried.

Jian Chen entered the palace woven from the orders of the world with Shui Yunlan and discovered that it was empty inside. There was only a cluster of extremely powerful coldness in the very centre.

The coldness was so intense that it had already formed a white fog. It was filled with chaotic energies of ice and ways. Let alone crossing through it, even the senses of Jian Chen’s soul could not approach it.

Jian Chen stared straight at the fog before him, and he gradually became stern, as he sensed an extremely familiar presence inside. 

This presence clearly belonged to his sister, Changyang Mingyue!

“Her majesty is right inside.” Shui Yunlan stood on the outskirts of the fog and stared at it blankly. Her expression was filled with powerlessness.

Jian Chen moved his feet in silence as he slowly approached the fog. He paused slightly when he was only a meter away from the place. After that, he stepped into the region resolutely.

Immediately, Jian Chen encountered a powerful force of obstruction. The force seemed to be composed of two powers. One of the powers originated from Changyang Mingyue, which was relatively weak.

However, the other power was so great that it made Jian Chen shiver, as the power originated from the laws of the world.

The power of ways was far, far more powerful than ancestor Lan and the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s. If he actually compared it to them, it could be described as worlds apart.

This should be the power of ways from the Snow Goddess!” Jian Chen shivered inside. Faced with the Snow Goddess’ ways, he knew it was impossible for him to get through no matter what. If he tried to force his way in, he might even doom himself for good.

Jian Chen proactively radiated with his own presence. The moment it appeared, the force of obstruction from Changyang Mingyue completely vanished, but the Snow Goddess’s powers showed no signs of relenting, forming an untraversable barrier that mercilessly kept Jian Chen out.

But in the next moment, a delicate but extremely stubborn and determined will interfered with the powers from the Snow Goddess. As such, the great powers receded reluctantly and helplessly.

Immediately, the forces in Jian Chen’s way vanished. He successfully entered the hazy fog, but the senses of his soul were now suppressed. All he could see was hazy white. Visibility was at a minimum.

Suddenly, a terrifying coldness swept over. Jian Chen’s battle prowess on par with Chaotic Primes was basically no different from an infant’s before the coldness. He stood no chance at all. He was frozen into a vivid ice statue in the blink of an eye. His expression and movements all became stuck.

The moment he turned into a statue, Jian Chen’s consciousness was drawn out of his body. He appeared in a snowy-white space.

A woman completely dressed in snowy-white clothes stood silently in the space there. She was an indescribable beauty with an otherworldly bearing. She seemed to have merged with the surroundings, becoming a single entity with the world.

“Sister!” Jian Chen immediately became extremely excited at the sight of the woman. Since their parting on the Tian Yuan Continent, this was the first time he had seen Changyang Mingyue again.

“Brother, is it really you? Is it really you? A- am I dreaming? It’s actually you.” Changyang Mingyue was overjoyed too. She was so excited that tears began to flow.

Ever since she left the Tian Yuan Continent, she had been cut off from all of her family and friends. She had spent her entire time cultivating in peace under protector Shui’s watch, living each day isolated from the world.

During these years, she saw no one apart from protector Shui. Let alone meeting the cultivators of the Saints’ World, she did not even know what the Saints’ World looked like. She endured these several hundred years of solitude alone, spending every single day on boring and tasteless cultivation.

Changyang Mingyue was not particularly mentally mature. Perhaps several hundred years of secluded cultivation was merely a blink of an eye to other experts, but it was definitely a form of torture to her.

Apart from that, all this time she spent away from her family culminated into a heavy sense of longing, which frequently tormented Changyang Mingyue as well.

As a result, Changyang Mingyue would obviously become extremely emotional when she saw Jian Chen.

After spending several centuries apart, the siblings obviously had far too many things to say to one another now that they had finally been reunited.

Afterwards, Jian Chen seemed to forget what kind of predicament he was in right now. All he felt inside was the warmth from reuniting with his sister. The two of them spent day and night talking, completely forgetting about time.

Jian Chen seemed to forget his true reason for coming here. He described to his sister the various incidents and events that had occurred on the Tian Yuan Continent after she had left, as well as what he went through in the recent years in the Saints’ World.

When she heard that Jian Chen’s current strength was already on par with Chaotic Primes, Changyang Mingyue’s mouth immediately hung agape. Her face was filled with disbelief.

When she heard the Tian Yuan clan Jian Chen founded had already become a super organisation on the Cloud Plane, Changyang Mingyue felt both relieved as well as eager and curious. It was as if she was tempted to go and take a look right now.

Who knew how long the conversation lasted for. Only when they said everything they had to say did Jian Chen seemingly remember the reason why he had come here in the first place.

“Oh right, what’s your current situation, sister? Why have you trapped yourself here?” Jian Chen pointed at the snowy-white world and voiced his doubts.

With his level of insight, he could not tell this was actually Changyang Mingyue’s consciousness. He had been forcefully drawn into this space by Changyang Mingyue.

As soon as he mentioned that, Changyang Mingyue’s smile vanished. Her face became filled with deep worry and fear. She shook her head and said helpless and powerlessly, “I don’t know. Even I don’t know how I appeared here. T- t- this seems to be beyond my control.”

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“It’s because of it. Yes, it’s because of it. It must be because of it. Everything seems to be created by it.” Changyang Mingyue seemed to recall something extremely terrifying. She became utterly frightened, filled with unease.

Suddenly, she grabbed Jian Chen by the shoulders firmly. Her body gently shook uncontrollably as she said with a trembling voice, “Brother, I can feel it. I- it’s trying to come out. It’s always been trying to come out. B- b- but it’s just so cold and so heartless. It’s like a cold, heartless beast, so cold that I feel fear, so cold that I feel despair.”

“Brother, I- I’m so afraid.”

Great uneasiness flooded Changyang Mingyue’s face, like a delicate woman who had just been terribly frightened. She was extremely fearful.

Jian Chen fell silent. For a moment, he actually had no idea what to say. He obviously understood what Changyang Mingyue was referring to by ‘it’. That was probably the memories that belonged to the Snow Goddess, as well as Changyang Mingyue’s past life.

Inside, he obviously hoped for his sister to become stronger and stronger. He obviously hoped for his sister to become a supreme expert who dominated the Saints’ World. On top of that, the currently complicated situation of the Ice Pole Plane truly required his sister to recover quickly before personally presiding over the plane and settling all upheavals.

However, when he saw how afraid and fearful his sister was, he could not bring himself to do this.

“Sister, do you know what will happen once it comes out?” Jian Chen asked after quite a period of silence.

It could be said that he had personally gone through something like this, as he still maintained his memories from his past life.

However, his situation was slightly different from Changyang Mingyue’s. He maintained the memories of two lives, which also happened to be the experiences of two people. However, Changyang Mingyue had only possessed her memories and experiences of this life. She knew absolutely nothing from her previous life unless her memories awakened.

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