Chapter 3031: The Soul Fragments Assembled
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3031: The Soul Fragments Assembled

The Anatta Grand Exalt was still alive!

This piece of news swept through the forty-nine great planes and eighty-one great planets of the Saints’ World with startling speed. Even some sects that were not stationed on any great plane or planet, as well as archaean clans hidden in the vast cosmos, received this startling and exhilarating piece of news as soon as possible.

That was all because Ming Dong’s identity as the ninth majesty had been publicized in the Overarching Heaven clan. The many organisations across the entire Saints’ World currently gathered there, which was why the news spread so fast.

Immediately, the entire Saints’ World was astir!

Of course, the news of the Anatta Grand Exalt’s return only spread through the upper echelons of the world. Only peak organisations with Grand Primes possessed the right to learn this secret.

As for the organisations with those below Grand Prime, they did not have the right to know about this, at least for the meantime.

Obviously, the Overarching Heaven clan received Ming Dong enthusiastically after his identity as the ninth majesty had been exposed. A Grand Prime ancestor personally received him. They had put in so much effort that even the archaean clans present became envious.

Apart from envy, there was also deep jealousy.

They could all tell that the treatment Ming Dong received from the Overarching Heaven clan with his strength as an early Infinite Prime was completely equivalent to the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s.

However, they all understood that he deserved this. Even though there was a huge difference in their cultivations, such that their cultivations could only be described as worlds apart, if cultivation was set aside and only status was taken into consideration, the identity of the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was completely on par with the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

As a matter of fact, it even exceeded the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s by a bit.

There was no other reason for this; it was just because the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng had the Anatta Grand Exalt!

“I didn’t think the Anatta Grand Exalt was still alive. Now that Anatta has returned, who can contend against the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng in the current Saints’ World?”

“Among the seven Grand Exalts of the past, the war god of the God clan indisputably held first place, while the Space-Time Elder and the Anatta Grand Exalt ranked second and third. However, there had always been a dispute between who ranked higher, so many people ranked the Space-Time Elder and the Anatta Grand Exalt together. Now, the new war god has yet to completely mature, while the only person who could contend against the Anatta Grand Prime, the Space-Time Elder, died a long time ago. Just who in the Saints’ World can still be the Anatta Grand Exalt’s opponent in the current day?”

“Creation, destruction, fire. The Anatta Grand Exalt has comprehended these three laws to the limit. Sigh, so many peak experts in the Saints’ World have poured their hearts out, devoted their entire lives and obtained countless fortuitous encounters, yet they still struggle to comprehend a single way to the limit, yet the Anatta Grand Exalt has actually grasped three of them.”

“Even the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt who is at the height of his influence has only comprehended a single way to the limit. Sigh.”


Sighs rang out in various locations across the Saints’ World, but without any exception, anyone who was qualified enough to discuss this was a supreme expert. There were even voices from the Saint Monarchs of the archaean clans in the mix.

At the same time, in an unknown space of the Saints’ World, many meteors of various sizes drifted through the surroundings. In the centre of a relatively-large meteor sat a young man in azure with a pale face.

The young man’s eyes were firmly shut, and his face was sheet-white. He did not give off any presence at all, or even any hints of life. He seemed like a cold corpse.

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Large stains of dried blood covered his azure clothes.

The young man was a renowned expert in the Saints’ World, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor!

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor had dismissed all of his presence. He entered a hibernative state of fake death, doing his best to hide himself.

Suddenly, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s eyes snapped open. He cursed in resentment, “You just won’t leave, will you?” With that, he vanished from the meteor.

Boom! Virtually the moment he vanished, the space exploded violently as if a world had been destroyed. The sight was extremely shocking. The space within several billion kilometers was reduced to darkness in a single instant. The countless meteors scattered there, including the many planets, all exploded, reduced to dust.

Surging energy condensed in the destroyed space. Soon afterwards, a huge palm shot out with the ways of the world condensed around it.

When the hand fell, countless orders of the world seemed to be perturbed, and news laws seemed to be formed. As such, the ways that served as the very origins of the space there had been rewritten, birthing news laws, new orders, and new ways.

The palm strike seemed like an adjudicator from heaven with endless divine might.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor appeared. His face was ugly. With a swing of his hand, he tossed out a shield.

Boom! The hand of energy slammed into the shield, and the high quality god artifact shield immediately exploded with a rumble, shooting off in all directions as countless pieces of shrapnel.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor used this opportunity to retreat. He moved with unbelievable speed, crossing billions of kilometers with a flash.

“Yi Xin, you’ve already chased after me for several centuries now. You mad woman, have you had enough or what?” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor erupted with curses furiously. He had really been driven crazy this time. During the years he had been chased, he had fled across the entire Saints’ World. By now, all the peak experts in the Saints’ World knew about this ‘glorious’ incident where he, the mighty Heaven-splitting Ancestor, was being hunted down. This was extremely embarrassing to any Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor cursed aloud, but he did not slow down at all as he fled. He moved so quickly that it could not be described with words, covering billions of kilometers with each breath. Countless stars turned into streaks of light as they rapidly receded around him.

Although a supreme expert at his cultivation could not descend anywhere with a single thought like a sovereign of the world, he definitely was not slow.

“Hand over senior Ancient Paths’ soul fragment!” The first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng pursued him relentlessly. Compared to the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s sorry state, she seemed much more composed. Her white clothes were speckless, and her bearing was transcendent, like a heavenly maiden from out of this world. She was undefeatable and powerful.

“How many times have I told you? I don’t have the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ soul fragment. You crazy woman, just what do you want me to do before you’ll believe me?” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor fled miserably as he ground his teeth.

He was clearly quite injured. Right now, even his presence seemed rather disorderly.

Yin Xin said nothing more, chasing after him at full speed from behind.

“Keep chasing me. Keep chasing me. I’d like to see how long you can keep chasing me. Yi Xin, I might not be your opponent, but we’re both at the Ninth Heavenly Layer after all. If I want to flee, then forget about catching me.” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor simply embraced the situation. With everything that had happened so far, he had been utterly humiliated already, so there was no reason for him to be caught up by this.

But at this moment, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s figure suddenly stiffened. Even his expression froze.

He seemed to have learnt some extremely terrifying news all of a sudden. His eyes immediately narrowed as a feeling of coldness welled up in his heart uncontrollably.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor stopped fleeing. His expression became as ugly as it could get. Then he slowly turned around and faced Yi Xin who rapidly pressed closer. His gaze was extremely frightening, filled with terrifying wrath and deep resentment.

“The Anatta Grand Exalt is still alive?” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor basically said that with a sunken face.

With that, Yi Xin gave up on her intentions to attack the Heaven-splitting Ancestor. She hovered in the sea of stars with a cold and emotionless gaze, keeping talking to a minimum. “That’s correct!”

Receiving the confirmation, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s face immediately darkened to the point where it was pitch-black. He opened his mouth as if he was trying to say something, but he also felt like something was stuck in his throat, preventing him from saying anything.

The hatred within him was enough to blaze the heavens. He was tempted to burn down the entire world, the entire universe around him. As a matter of fact, the excessive fury and hatred directly made him lose his composure. His body trembled violently as his facial features became extremely twisted.

He roared inside, “The Anatta Grand Exalt is still alive, so why didn’t you tell me earlier? If you had told me earlier, why would I have fled across the Saints’ World for several centuries in such a humiliating manner? If I knew that the Anatta Grand Exalt was still alive, I would have given you Ancient Paths’ soul fragment a long time ago.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor did not verbalise these thoughts. He remained there for a good while, holding onto all of these thoughts. Eventually, he forced out a single sentence. “Were you just trying to toy with me?”

The simple sentence seemed to describe all of the indignation and humiliation the Heaven-splitting Ancestor felt inside. He originally thought the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng had only guessed that Ancient Paths’ soul fragment was in his possession through some clues, which was why he vehemently denied it. He had tried to fool his way through this.

Only now did he come to the realisation that the Anatta Grand Exalt had learnt about his possession of Ancient Paths’ soul fragment a long time ago.

It was hilarious to think that he had actually fled for several centuries like a clown under the watch of a Grand Exalt, which left the Heaven-splitting Ancestor feeling utterly furious as well as indignant.

Grand Exalts were akin to the heavenly ways. They could descend anywhere in the Saints’ World with a single thought.

In the eyes of Grand Exalts, no matter how vast the Saints’ World was, distance was not a concept to them.

Before Grand Exalts, no matter how quickly he could flee, it was all pointless.

As a result, it went without saying how the Heaven-splitting Ancestor who had fled for several centuries felt after learning that the Anatta Grand Exalt was still alive.

“Hand over senior Ancient Paths’ soul fragment!” Yi Xin repeated the exact same thing. Her voice was as cold as before.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor glared at Yi Xin in utter resentment. His teeth creaked from how hard he grit them, but this time, he said nothing at all. With a swing of his hand, he tossed out an item before immediately taking his leave.

Yi Xin extended her hand and caught what the Heaven-splitting Ancestor threw. Inspecting and sensing it carefully, she finally relaxed and said as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders, “Senior Ancient Paths’ final spiritual soul has finally been obtained.”

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