Chapter 3034: A Book
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3034: A Book

“Master, is the strange treasure in Daowei Fatian’s possession really that powerful? So powerful that we actually need to forge senior Ancient Paths’ item to stand a chance?” Yi Xin was unable to hide her shock. She understood her master’s strength extremely well. Without a successor of the warring gods and the Space-Time Elder, her master had already become indisputably the strongest in the Saints’ World.

But even an expert like her was so fearful of the strange treasure in Daowei Fatian’s possession, which left Yi Xin in disbelief.

“But how can Daowei Fatian refine such a powerful treasure given his strength? Even if he has overcome the final barrier, the treasures he can refine given his ability will only be on par with master’s tower and heavenly palace at most,” Yi Xin muttered to herself. She had far too many doubts and questions.

Among the six worlds, the god artifacts publicly acknowledged as the strongest were ones refined by Grand Exalts through special secret techniques. These god artifacts could be regarded as apex god artifacts, as well as Grand Exalt god artifacts, sovereign god artifacts, and so on.

Among the six worlds, there were quite a few sovereign god artifacts that had been passed down through the ages. The eight archaean clans each possessed one at the very least, and some of them even possessed more than one.

Some organisations that had lost their title as archaean clans due to the absence of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Exalt also had sovereign god artifacts.

The Tower of Radiance enshrined in the Radiant Saint Hall on the Desolate Plane was also a sovereign god artifact!

These sovereign god artifacts all originated from different Grand Exalts. They were either remnants of this age, the previous aeon, the one before that, or ages even more ancient than that.

Perhaps some differences existed between these sovereign god artifacts, but the differences would not be too large. Never had a sovereign god artifact as powerful as the one in Daowei Fatian’s possession appeared before.

This was why Yi Xin had become so surprised upon learning about the strength of Daowei Fatian’s strange treasure.

“The strange treasure definitely was not refined by any Grand Exalt from the current age, as no one can forge a treasure at that level. Even from the previous aeon, I cannot think of anyone who can forge such a powerful god artifact,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“Junior Overarching Heaven has specially come to see senior Anatta!” An old voice rang out from outside the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt suddenly appeared outside the Prosper Plane, clasping his fist towards the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng from a great distance.

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt did not set foot in the territory of the Prosper Plane. He clearly did this to express his respect for the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“Please come in!”

The Anatta Grand Exalt’s voice rang out from the Heavenly Balance of Bisheng. The voice seemed to contain all the sounds in the world, able to take the shape of any melody and tone. It was completely impossible to distinguish the Anatta Grand Exalt’s age or gender.

In the next moment, a path of golden light condensed from the laws extended out of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, reaching into outer space and arriving beneath the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s feet instantly.

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt stood on the golden path and vanished with a flash.

In the depths of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, the first majesty had already left. Anatta and Overarching Heaven both sat in the air, facing one another.

“Overarching Heaven, since you’ve already reached this realm and become the heavenly ways, you’re on equal footing with me, so you don’t have to be so polite.” The Anatta Grand Exalt’s voice rang out. He was wrapped in the light from the ways as the sounds of heaven sang around him gently. It was completely impossible to make him out.

It was as if the thing there was no longer a person or a creature, but a strange existence woven from the laws of the world.

“I may have reached this realm, but in my eyes, you’re still someone worthy of respect, senior.” The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt was extremely modest with his reply, like a student seeking knowledge.

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt continued, “May I ask what happened in the chaotic space that actually left Bloodtear injured?”

“We encountered people from the Immortals’ and Demons’ World. Unfortunately, a strand of Ancient Chaos Qi was taken away by the people of the Immortals’ World,” the Anatta Grand Exalt said calmly, making it impossible to tell what he was feeling. There were no emotions at all. “The chaotic space doesn’t open frequently, and it’s the only place where we can obtain Ancient Chaos Qi. At our level, we need a strand of Ancient Chaos Qi at the very least to forge an apex god artifact that rivals us.”

“Overarching Heaven, you’ve only just reached this realm, so you’ve yet to forge an apex god artifact that suits you. As a result, you must not miss out on the opening of the chaotic space this time. Go back and make some preparations. Once Bloodtear recovers, we’ll enter the chaotic space again. Be ready for a battle against the many experts of the Immortals’ World,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“Alright, I’ll go back and prepare immediately,” the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt said sternly, but he also felt a little eager inside.

After reaching the realm of Grand Exalts, the high quality god artifacts he used in the past were no longer sufficient anymore, so he needed a strand of Ancient Chaos Qi and some precious materials to forge a god artifact that suited him.

“Before we venture to the chaotic space, you need a weapon on the same level as you. Among the many apex god artifacts that currently exist in the Saints’ World, only the Divine Sword of Spirit Severance from the Spirit God clan is most compatible with you. You can borrow it from them,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt cupped his fist before silently vanishing, leaving the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

Soon afterwards, a fruit appeared in the Anatta Grand Exalt’s hand, wrapped in the heavy bearing of laws and giving off a profound presence.

“Yi Xin, head to the Devour Plane immediately and pass this Chaos Fruit of Ways to Bloodtear. He must recover as quickly as possible.”

“Yes, master!”

Yi Xin left with the Chaos Fruit of Ways, while the Anatta Grand Exalt took out all of Ancient Paths’ soul fragments and murmured, “Ancient Paths, you’ve vanished from the Saints’ World for so long already. It’s time for you to appear before everyone again.”

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At the same time, on the Devour Plane among the seven sacred planes, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt hovered in the air like a sea of blood in the blood-red sovereign divine hall. The sea of blood surged violently, like countless serpents churning it up.

Suddenly, the sea of blood shook violently, and a large portion of it evaporated at a visible rate. In the end, the sea of blood suddenly gathered together, immediately condensing into a figure in the air.

The figure coughed violently before saying sternly, “Just what is this power? It’s actually so powerful. I’m struggling to recover from the wounds caused by this power.”

“Master, w- who injured you exactly?” Below, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s face changed. He was unsettled.

“It was a new sovereign of the Immortals’ World. He’s known as Daowei Fatian. He wields an extremely powerful treasure. I was injured by the strange treasure,” said the Bloodtear Grand Exalt.

The Nine Brilliance Star Lord was stunned. “A new Grand Exalt could actually injure master with a strange treasure? Just how powerful is this strange treasure?”

“It’s a treasure that has never been seen or heard before. It does resemble a book. It’s a mystery where Daowei Fatian got it from,” the Bloodtear Grand Exalt said sternly.

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