Chapter 3035: Let the Grand Exalts Catch Their Breaths
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3035: Let the Grand Exalts Catch Their Breaths

“A book?” The Nine Brilliance Star Lord was in doubt. He murmured to himself, “Our Saints’ World basically knows all of the sovereign god artifacts that exist in the Immortals’ and Demon’s World, but never has a sovereign god artifact like that appeared in the history of our Saints’ World. Don’t tell me that Daowei Fatian forged the sovereign god artifact himself?”

“That’s impossible. Let alone Daowei Fatian who’s only just broken through, even when Ancient Paths of our world was still around, he definitely could not forge such a powerful god artifact.” The Bloodtear Grand Exalt immediately rebuked the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s doubts.

“The strength of the book had already surpassed our current understanding of all artifacts. It’s a mystery where Daowei Fatian obtained it from,” the Bloodtear Grand Exalt said sternly. He was still quite shaken from the experience.

He wanted to embody the heavenly ways and peer into the heavenly secrets through his profound techniques so that he could grasp even the deepest secrets that the world was hiding.

Unfortunately, his target was also an expert who had become an embodiment of the heavenly ways, and the apex god artifact was unimaginably powerful. Against an opponent like that, any of his methods that allowed him to peer into the heavenly secrets had been rendered useless.

This ability was normally only used on targets that were much weaker in cultivation. If he encountered an opponent of the same level, it would obviously become useless.

Let alone the same level, even when the realm of cultivation was approximately the same, it would be difficult for them to find anything.

After all, experts who had reached a certain level of cultivation possessed numerous methods to hide themselves.

At this moment, the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Yi Xin, arrived on the Devour Plane, passing a fruit that radiated with the power of ways to Bloodtear. “Senior Bloodtear, my master has specially sent me to deliver this Chaos Fruit of Ways to you, senior, in hopes that you recover soon.”

Gazing at the Chaos Fruit of Ways, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt fell silently before letting out a gentle sigh. Blood-red energy swept the Chaos Fruit of Ways into the sea of blood. “I will remember this favour that I owe Anatta. When we kill our way into the chaotic space again, I’ll definitely pay it back in fold.”

At the same time, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt arrived at the Spirit God clan.

The Spirit God clan was a peak clan that had once given birth to a Grand Exalt. They were extremely powerful, and they possessed the complete legacy of the Grand Exalt after they passed away. They had also once been one of the archaean clans of the Saints’ World.

But now, the Spirit God clan had already entered a state of decline. Without any Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, they were no longer qualified as an archaean clan despite their complete legacy of the Grand Exalt.

Today, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt had visited in person, which immediately caused a stir across the entire clan. All of the ancestors in secluded cultivation emerged in a hurry, receiving him in person.

After all, Overarching Heaven had become a Grand Exalt now. He represented the heavenly ways to a certain extent. His status had become vastly different from the past.

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt was straightforward. He directly told them that he wished to borrow their clan treasure, the Divine Sword of Spirit Severance.

The Spirit God clan could not turn down that request at all. They did not even hesitate, immediately retrieving their clan treasure, the Divine Sword of Spirit Severance, for him.

“I owe your Spirit God clan a favour. I can promise you that as long as I am still around, I will protect your Spirit God clan for ten million years. As for the Divine Sword of Spirit Severance, I’ll return it to your clan once I return from the chaotic space.” The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt issued a promise publicly. His voice was resolute, leading to a resonance from the ways of the world and spreading across the entire Saints’ World.

At this very moment, anyone who had comprehended the ways of the world to a certain extent could vaguely make out the resonance throughout the world and hear the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s promise to the Spirit God clan.

The oath of a Grand Exalt had the world as its witness. This was the holiest, most undefiable promise in the world.

The entire Spirit God clan was overjoyed, thanking him in a hurry. They all understood what this promise from the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt meant to the Spirit God clan.

It meant that even the eight archaean clans of the Saints’ World would not dare to lay their hands on their Spirit God clan for the next ten million years.

As for after the ten million years, who knew whether the Spirit God clan would give birth to a new Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime?

The Spirit God clan was basically free from worries for the next ten million years.

In an unknown space within the Saints’ World, a colossal bone tower hovered silently in the sea of stars. It gave off a tremendous pressure that resembled an invincible bearing capable of suppressing the many heavens.

At this moment, on the highest floor of the bone tower, a little boy dressed in red laid on a jade bed lazily. Beside him was a table crafted from extremely precious jade with many precious spiritual fruits placed on there.

The boy was the second boss of the Myriad Bone Guild, the Heartless Child!

“The Bloodtear Grand Exalt has returned. The Anatta Grand Exalt has returned too. Though, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt actually created such a great tremor when he returned. Looks like he’s been injured in the chaotic space.” The Heartless Child laid on the jade bed like he had nothing better to do, biting away at a spiritual fruit in his hand. He seemed to be at great leisure.

“Yeah, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt is indeed injured. Looks like he encountered people from the Immortals’ World in the chaotic space,” an illusionary figure sat in the air in front of the Heartless Child and said firmly.

The figure clearly resembled a soul, but at a closer glance, it was vastly different from any regular souls. It seemed to be another form of existence.

The Heartless Child looked over and stared at the illusionary figure. “Big brother, your real body is in the chaotic space too. Do you know what happened there?”

“I don’t. The region I’m in is different from theirs. The region that the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the others have entered seems to be an existence akin to a secret realm. I’ve only been active around the edge,” said the illusionary figure.

He was a renowned peak expert in the Saints’ World, the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild.

“Big brother, I’m actually very curious. You’ve already spent over ten thousand years in the chaotic space. Why’d you go there when you had nothing better to do? After all, entering the chaotic space with our cultivations requires us to constantly maintain the power of the sovereign god artifact. Aren’t you tired after all these years?” the Heartless Child continued to ask.

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The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild only replied after a while of silence, “I’m looking for something, an object that can completely change our Myriad Bone Guild’s fate.”

“Then have you found it?”

“Not yet!” The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild shook his head and continued, “Actually, I don’t hold particularly high hopes on finding this object, but I need to give it a try. I need to see whether a miracle will happen or not.”

“Let’s not talk about this. This object is involved with very important matters. It touches on a sovereign from the Immortals’ World. I’m already prepared for failure. Right now, we should be paying attention to the Wind Venerable instead,” said the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild.

The Heartless Child seemed to think of something extremely interesting with that. He immediately smiled widely and gazed at a certain location in space with great eagerness. He said, “The Wind Venerable has destroyed the Anatta Grand Exalt’s fruit of ways. Earlier, because the Anatta Grand Exalt was not present, that was the only reason why he could spend his days comfortably. Now that the Anatta Grand Exalt has returned, hahahaha! I’ve suddenly become a little eager now. I want to see just how the Anatta Grand Exalt will respond when she realises her fruit of ways has been destroyed by someone.”

“How else will she respond? She’ll fly into a rage obviously. After all, Jian Chen holds great significance to the Anatta Grand Exalt as her fruit of ways. The destruction of the fruit of ways is equivalent to severing the Anatta Grand Exalt’s way.” The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild said with a shaken voice, “Severing a Grand Exalt’s way is terrifying just to think about. The Wind Venerable is done for.”

“Yeah! That’s right, that’s right. It’s just strange that the Anatta Grand Exalt has already returned for a good moment, so why hasn’t anything happened yet?” the Heartless Child asked in wonder.

The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild said, “The Anatta Grand Exalt must have been involved in battle during this trip to the chaotic space as well. She probably hasn’t realised her fruit of ways has been destroyed just yet. There’s no hurry. Let the Grand Exalts catch their breaths.”

“Fair enough, fair enough. If that’s the case, let’s just let the Wind Venerable live a moment longer. Let’s let the Grand Exalts catch their breaths. Let’s let the Grand Exalts catch their breaths,” the Heartless Child said joyfully as he felt relieved inside.

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