Chapter 3036: The Artifact Spirit of the Tower of Radiance (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3036: The Artifact Spirit of the Tower of Radiance (One)

The Heartless Child and the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild waited silently on the top of the bone tower. They did not budge; their eyes remained fixed in a certain direction in the depths of outer space, filled with anticipation. It was as if they were patiently waiting for a show to start.

This wait lasted for seven days. After those seven days, the Heartless Child seemed to become a little impatient. He murmured softly, “That’s strange. It’s already been so long, so why isn’t there even the slightest activity? Don’t tell me the Anatta Grand Exalt has forgotten about Jian Chen, his fruit of ways?”

“Don’t worry. You need to be a little more patient. The Grand Exalts have only returned for a few days so far. It’s far too short. A great battle erupted in the chaotic space, so the Anatta Grand Exalt is probably a little exhausted and hasn’t been paying attention to the fruit of ways, which is reasonable. Let the Anatta Grand Exalt catch his breath a little more,” said the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild.

The Heartless Child nodded in agreement. “That’s a reasonable analysis, big brother. I have been a little restless, but what can I do about the fact that this directly affects the fate of our Myriad Bone Guild as well as our safety? After all, with each day the Wind Venerable remains alive, that’s another day that our Myriad Bone Guild is in danger. I truly struggle to remain calm about this.”

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“Yeah, that’s correct. The Wind Venerable is far too powerful. Fortunately, his current state is unstable, and his mind is clouded, leaving him deranged. Otherwise, our Myriad Bone Guild probably would struggle to have moments of peace like this. But you don’t have to worry. The Wind Venerable has already severed the Anatta Grand Exalt’s way. His fate has already been cast in stone. All we have to do now is watch and see. We just need to wait patiently.” The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild, on the other hand, seemed extremely composed. After a moment of thought, he continued, “And the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt has borrowed the Spirit God clan’s Divine Sword of Spirit Severance. If I’ve guessed correctly, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt will be entering the chaotic space with the Anatta Grand Exalt and the Bloodtear Grand Exalt.”

The Heartless Child sank into deep thought. “In other words, the Anatta Grand Exalt should be preparing to enter the chaotic space a second time right now. It’s no wonder he can’t bother with the destruction of his fruit of ways with something so important in the way. He probably hasn’t paid any attention to it yet.”

“So be it. Let’s wait a little more. So much time has passed already anyway, so it’s not like a few days will make a difference.” The Heartless Child stood up and stretched lazily. He gazed at the stars with a smile and sighed. “Over all these years, two heavy mountains have been weighing on our chests the entire time. One came from the Darkstar race, while the other came from the Wind Venerable. Now, we’ve already solved the shackles from the Darkstar race, such that we won’t have to consider them for a very long time, and the Wind Venerable is about to die too.”

“Once the Wind Venerable dies, our Myriad Bone Guild will be truly without worries. As long as we don’t provoke those Grand Exalts, there won’t be a single organisation across the entire Saints’ World that can threaten us. We don’t even have to fear the archaean clans.” The Heartless Child thought of the glorious future of the Myriad Bone Guild and immediately began laughing aloud. At that moment, he seemed to be able to see the Myriad Bone Guild truly standing at the apex of the world already.

Their Myriad Bone Guild truly was extremely powerful. They were not an archaean clan, but they were no weaker than archaean clans.

“Archaean clans? Hmph, they don’t even pose a threat to us. We don’t necessarily have fewer sovereign god artifacts compared to them. The eight Saint Monarchs are very powerful, but compared to the two of us, they’re still lacking a few things.” The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild’s tone was slightly contemptful. He did not take the archaean clans seriously.

“Yeah. After all, the two of us are imbued with the great fortune of the Darkstar race. On top of that, under the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits’ will, we’ve been killed again and again, sending us through rebirth time and time again. We haven’t exactly gone without benefiting from these countless rebirths. These are natural advantages the eight Saint Monarchs don’t possess.” The Heartless Child smiled even more resplendently. He gazed at the region of space with deep feelings and became slightly enamoured.

“Big brother, have you noticed that the stars have suddenly become even more beautiful than before? They haven’t exactly changed, but in my eyes, they’ve already become completely different from the past.”

The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild did not have any particularly large emotional fluctuations. He said indifferently, “That’s because all of your pressure and worries have vanished. Without any threats present, your mental state has obviously changed.”

“Yeah, that’s the case. In the past, I’ve been constantly worried that the Wind Venerable might come for me one day, but now, he no longer has the chance. Without the Wind Venerable’s threat, I feel extremely relaxed all over. This feeling is enchanting and intoxicating,” said the Heartless child.

“It’s all thanks to Jian Chen. We really should thank him properly. If he’s reborn, I wouldn’t mind accepting him as a disciple, but unfortunately, the Wind Venerable killed him. He no longer has the right to be reborn.” The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild sneered.


On the Desolate Plane, in the miniature world within the Tower of Radiance, the current hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall, Gongsun Zhi, stood on the top of a mountain. He was dressed in the holy robes that represented the hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall, and he had an impressive presence about him. He had a supreme bearing about him that he never possessed before. He seemed to be in high spirits.

“Artifact spirit, are you still there? If you really do exist, please show yourself immediately. The useless descendant of the ancestor, Gongsun Zhi, eagerly hopes to see you.”

“Artifact spirit, I possess my ancestor’s bloodline, and my ancestor is your master. I’ve already become the only person qualified enough to speak with you.”



Gongsun Zhi called out at the sky from the top of the mountain, even sprinkling his own blood in that space from time to time. He hoped he could obtain the opportunity of communicating with the artifact spirit through the presence of his Grand Exalt’s bloodline.

Over the years, he had entered the Tower of Radiance countless times. He had also stood in various locations within the Tower of Radiance and called for the artifact spirit through various different ways. It was all so that he could communicate with the artifact spirit.

The Tower of Radiance had a total of nine protector swords, but only six had appeared so far. The remaining three were still in the Tower of Radiance. He eagerly wanted the right to allocate these three protector swords.

It was far too important to him. Once he could allocate them, not only could he nurture his own forces, but he could also rope in peak organisations like the Xu family and the Midheaven clan on the Desolate Plane.

As soon as he thought of the Radiant Saint Hall’s current situation, Gongsun Zhi became filled with anger, as well as a sense of powerlessness. Right now, the strongest in the Radiant Saint Hall were obviously the six protectors that had obtained the protector swords. However, among these protectors, Xuan Zhan and Xuan Ming remained neutral. They stood firm to the sect’s beliefs and teachings, and Gongsun Zhi could not order them around.

As for Han Xin, Bai Yu, and Donglin Yanxue, they had formed a group of their own to oppose him. They did not view him as the hall master at all.

Among the six protectors and six protector swords, Gongsun Zhi did not have authority over any of them apart from himself, which left him feeling rather annoyed as the hall master.

At this moment, the energy in the Tower of Radiance suddenly began to surge violently. The entire miniature world inside the Tower of Radiance began to shake violently at this exact moment.

The sudden occurrence left Gongsun Zhi overjoyed. He asked in a hurry, “Senior artifact spirit, is it you? Senior artifact spirit, have you awakened?”

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