Chapter 3037: The Artifact Spirit of the Tower of Radiance (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3037: The Artifact Spirit of the Tower of Radiance (Two)

“I- it’s my… m- master’s… descendant…” A stuttering voice rang out from the Tower of Radiance. It was extremely feeble.

Gongsun Zhi was overjoyed when he heard that. He became extremely excited. How many years? Just how many years had it been? He basically spent every single day looking forward to the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance’s awakening. All of his callings in the past had ended in failure, and all of his anticipation had ended in disappointment.

He never thought that on this day and at this moment, he would finally see the artifact spirit awaken again. All these years of effort had finally paid off, which left Gongsun Zhi so excited that he trembled all over.

“Fantastic. Fantastic. Sir artifact spirit, you’ve finally appeared. You’ve finally appeared.” Gongsun Zhi danced around out of joy. “Sir artifact spirit, what’s your situation right now?”

“Master’s… descendant, a foreign enemy has invaded me… which has taken a very great toll on me… I’m… very feeble right now,” the artifact spirit’s voice rang out.

“Sir artifact spirit, can you give me the right to allocate the three remaining protector swords to me right now? So I can choose who wields them?” Gongsun Zhi seemed to only ask about the artifact spirit’s situation as a formality. He did not care too much about the invading foreign enemy that the artifact spirit mentioned. Right now, his mind was simply filled with a desire to obtain the right to allocate the three remaining protector swords.

After mentioning his desire, Gongsun Zhi eagerly waited for the artifact spirit’s reply. He became extremely nervous.

“Master’s… descendant… I’m very… feeble right now, so I don’t have sufficient power… to mobilise the last three… protector swords.”

Gongsun Zhi was greatly disappointed, but he still asked hopefully, “Then how can you recover your strength as soon as possible?”


Immediately, Gongsun Zhi deflated like a balloon. The Tower of Radiance was a sovereign god artifact. If a god artifact like that required time to recover, who knew how long it would take. He could not afford to wait until then at all.

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