Chapter 3025: Shui Yunlan’s Choice
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3025: Shui Yunlan’s Choice

Immediately, Shui Yunlan stopped walking towards ancestor Qi Feng. However, she did listen to Jian Chen’s instructions and did not react abnormally. Instead, she secretly took in a deep breath to calm down her excitement.

“Shui Yunlan, come over. Your dear sister, Cai Xia, has already waited several million years for you in our Chillwind sect. She’s in a hurry to see you.” Ancestor Qi Feng continued to smile in a gentle manner. He seemed so amicable like he was harmless.

Under the gaze of the Rain Abbess, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, and ancestor Lan, ancestor Qi Feng was very fearful and cautious. He did not have the courage to forcefully take Shui Yunlan away at all, nor did he have the courage to overreact in any shape or form. As a result, he could only wait powerlessly for Shui Yunlan to approach him even when he felt utterly anxious inside.

But in the next moment, ancestor Qi Feng’s smile suddenly hardened, as Shui Yunlan actually did something that greatly surprised him. She gave up on approaching ancestor Qi Feng, turning around towards the Heavenly Crane clan and arriving beside ancestor Lan instantly.

Earlier, when Shui Yunlan approached ancestor Qi Feng, she had been striding through the air, walking over slowly, which only demonstrated that she was not entirely confident even though she chose to join ancestor Qi Feng’s side due to Cai Xia. She still had some hesitation and uncertainty.

But now, when she chose to trust ancestor Lan and the Heavenly Crane clan, she had done so without the slightest hesitation. She had been extremely decisive.

Shui Yunlan’s unexpected actions immediately made the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s eyes narrow, but she said nothing. She only glanced at ancestor Lan deeply, as well as He Qianchi who stood behind ancestor Lan. She sank into her thoughts.

“Shui Yunlan, w- what are you doing?” Meanwhile, ancestor Qi Feng panicked. He stared at Shui Yunlan with widened eyes in utter surprise. His heart was sitting in his throat.

“Senior Qi Feng, please relay to Cai Xia that it’s inconvenient for me to see her right now. Her majesty, the Snow Goddess, has already returned, so we’ll reunite sooner or later,” Shui Yunlan said to ancestor Qi Feng resolutely, clearly having made up her mind already. 

“How can you do this? How can you? Shui Yunlan, only our Chillwind sect is the most trustworthy on the current Ice Pole Plane. I don’t know what the Heavenly Crane clan said to you that made you change your mind on the spot, but that’s very likely a trap the Flame Reverend set up,” said ancestor Qi Feng, explaining extremely anxiously. At that moment, he really was wracked with nervousness inside. Right when he had gained Shui Yunlan’s trust, right when the plan was about to succeed, he never expected her to suddenly change her mind.

How could he simply accept this?

“I trust the Heavenly Crane clan!” Shui Yunlan said firmly.

“Ancestor Qi Feng, please return. Our Heavenly Crane clan will protect Shui Yunlan,” ancestor Lan said. She was icy-cold.

The Icecloud Founding Ancestor also looked at ancestor Qi Feng. She said nothing, but an invisible pressure had already enveloped him.

By now, even ancestor Qi Feng knew that he was unable to change anything. All he could do was sigh gently and say with utmost pity, “If that’s the case, I won’t do anymore convincing. It’s just a pity for your dear sister who’s waited for you for several million years. Though, I still do hope you can pay a visit to the Chillwind sect when you have the time, Shui Yunlan.”

“Senior Qi Feng, then why don’t you let Cai Xia come and find me?” Shui Yunlan replied with a question.

Ancestor Qi Feng let out a long sigh. “This is all because of Wu Han’s betrayal. It’s caused far too great of an impact on Cai Xia. Coupled with the fact that the alignment of many organisations on the Ice Pole Plane is a mystery, any organisation you come into contact with might belong to the Flame Reverend. As a result, Cai Xia trusts no one apart from the Chillwind sect. She’s never left the Chillwind sect in all these years.”

Reaching there, ancestor Qi Feng stopped. He gazed at Shui Yunlan deeply before continuing, “Actually, the fact that Cai Xia is in our Chillwind sect has always been a secret that no one knows about on the Ice Pole Plane. If it were not for your appearance, this secret would have never been exposed. It’s a pity that she’ll be disappointed in the end.” With that, ancestor Qi Feng said no more, turning around and leaving.

Shui Yunlan noticed the disappointment in ancestor Qi Feng’s eyes, which left her slightly conflicted. After several million years, she also wanted to see a dear sister of hers from the past.

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But since Jian Chen had come here, her rational mind told her that she had to cast this matter aside for now regardless of whether Cai Xia actually had something of utmost importance to tell her, regardless of the fact that she was anxious to reunite with Cai Xia too.

That was all because she placed absolute trust in Jian Chen!

At this moment, a barrier of ice appeared silently. Not only did the barrier cut off sound, but everything that went on inside was also hidden. No one outside could see anything.

Only the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, ancestor Lan, He Qianchi, and Shui Yunlan stood within the barrier.

“Who are you exactly?” Within the barrier, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor looked past ancestor Lan and stared straight at He Qianchi standing behind ancestor Lan.

“I am the great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan, He Qianchi. Greetings, Icecloud Founding Ancestor!” He Qianchi clasped his fist and said politely.

“No, you’re not He Qianchi. I’m not familiar with He Qianchi, but I do know that he exists. Even though he’s a Chaotic Prime, he cannot remain as composed as you have before a Grand Prime. On top of that, the Heavenly Crane clan has never had any ties with the Martial Soul lineage, while the Martial Soul lineage has nothing to do with the Ice Goddess Hall either. As a result, getting the Martial Soul lineage and the Heavenly Crane clan to work together should have been impossible.” The Icecloud Founding Ancestor stared straight at Jian Chen. Her gaze was so sharp that it seemed like she was tempted to see through everything that He Qianchi was hiding.

Unfortunately, no matter how she studied him, the He Qianchi before her was still He Qianchi. She was unable to find any inconsistencies at all.

“Also, when Shui Yunlan suddenly changed her mind in the end and joined your Heavenly Crane clan extremely decisively, it seemed to reek of suspicion to me. If I’ve guessed correctly, it’s all because of you.”

“Finally, when ancestor Lan came to our Snow sect, she was already prepared to fight. Even though she did not bring the two other ancestors of the Heavenly Crane clan, she should have brought a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime at the least, but she actually chose to bring a great elder who’s not too strong or weak. That in itself points to something.”

“Tell me, who are you exactly? You better possess an identity that I can believe, or don’t even think about leaving here with Shui Yunlan in peace,” the Icecloud Founding Ancestor said emotionlessly. At this moment, she seemed to have forgotten about ancestor Lan. All that existed in her eyes was He Qianchi.

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