Chapter 3024: A Single Message
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3024: A Single Message

Shui Yulan’s choice delighted Ancestor Qi Feng. He sighed and said, “Among the four protectors of the Ice Goddess Hall, Wu Han committed betrayal and Bing Qin died. Now, only you and Cai Xia remain. Actually, during the years you went missing, Cai Xia constantly thought of you. She has already waited arduously for several million years in our Chillwind sect, and her efforts have finally paid off today. She has finally waited until your return. The two of you can finally reunite.”

With that, Shui Yunlan’s gaze rippled. She could not help but recall the past they had spent together.

Back then, the relationship between the four of them had been so harmonious. They helped one another and supported one another like real sisters. Looking at it now, one of them was dead, and one of them had committed betrayal. Only she and Cai Xia remained now.

The series of events filled Shui Yunlan with sorrow.

Shui Yunlan sighed inside. She immediately approached ancestor Qi Feng.

Ancestor Qi Feng smiled kindly like a friendly old man watching his child return home after leaving many years ago. 

But covertly, ancestor Qi Feng had already used a secret technique, communicating with the Chillwind sect in an extremely discreet manner.

The plan has succeeded. Prepare the teleportation formation in the forbidden grounds immediately. Once Shui Yunlan reaches the Chillwind sect, send her away immediately.

Ancestor Qi Feng directly passed this news onto the other two Grand Prime ancestors of the Chillwind sect.

In the Chillwind sect, the two Grand Primes waiting there also paid close attention to the situation of the Snow sect. As soon as they heard ancestor Qi Feng’s message, they immediately roused with attention. They exchanged glances, and their eyes were both filled with delight.

“Let’s go!” In the next moment, the two ancestors vanished. They appeared in the forbidden grounds deep within the Chillwind sect as quickly as they could.

The forbidden grounds were not empty. Apart from the two ancestors, there was an enchanting woman in a white dress.

If Shui Yunlan were present, she would immediately realise that the woman was one of the four protectors of the Ice Goddess Hall, Cai Xia!

“Greetings, ancestors!” However, when she saw the two ancestors of the Chillwind sect, Cai Xia immediately greeted them with a bow. Her respect for them completely originated from the bottom of her heart. None of it was faked.

“Shui Yunlan is about to arrive in the Chillwind sect. Elder Zi, we need to gain her trust first and make her lower her guard, so we’ll need you to personally show yourself when the time comes. Be ready,” one of the ancestors said sternly.

“You must not make even the slightest mistake at a critical time like this. Elder Zi, you must firmly remember all of Cai Xia’s actions and mannerisms. You can’t even show the slightest hint that you’re actually someone else. After all, ancestor Lan of the Heavenly Crane clan and the Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect are watching. Apart from them, there’s also the Rain Abbess of unknown alignment whose strength is unimaginably great, so we can’t afford any accidents at all, or it won’t just be our Chillwind sect. Even we will be doomed forever,” the other ancestor said solemnly.

Cai Xia was serious. She said with the utmost confidence, “Please do not worry, ancestors. When I possessed Cai Xia, I didn’t just obtain her body. I also devoured her soul at the same time, merging perfectly with all of her memories. Fooling Shui Yunlan will be a piece of cake.”

“That would be for the best. We don’t have to worry then.” The two ancestors of the Chillwind sect nodded in satisfaction. Then they looked at the forbidden grounds and said, “Fooling Shui Yunlan won’t be a problem, so the next greatest challenge is to set up the teleportation formation here. The Rain Abbess possesses extremely great achievements with the Laws of Space. Hopefully the teleportation formation here will keep functioning.”

The other ancestor laughed at that and said, “You can completely relax. This teleportation formation disc is the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ creation. Even though the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ had created it out of pure interest, it still touches on that domain after all. It’s so profound that the Rain Abbess’ Laws of Space definitely cannot interfere with it.”

“Once Qi Feng brings Shui Yunlan here, we’ll activate the teleportation formation immediately and leave. Even if the Rain Abbess and the Icecloud Founding Ancestor are nearby, they can’t stop us. As for the Chillwind sect, it can just be destroyed. We’ll definitely be able to stage a return once we obtain the source of the Snow Goddess’s powers.”

“That’s right. When we return, we’ll definitely be glorious. When the time comes, we’ll build a Chillwind sect that’s even more powerful than the current one. On top of that, if the Flame Reverend’s plan succeeds, that’ll definitely result in a new Grand Exalt. By then, we’ll have the support of a sovereign of the world. We can truly reign over the Ice Pole Plane unopposed and sweep aside all obstacles.”


“You must not. Shui Yunlan, we still don’t know whether the Chillwind sect is a friend or a foe. You cannot go to the Chillwind sect.”

Above the Snow sect, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor spoke up and prevented Shui Yunlan from approaching ancestor Qi Feng. At the same time, she erupted with a powerful presence and forced back ancestor Qi Feng, saying coldly to him, “Qi Feng, leave immediately, or don’t blame me for showing no mercy.”

Ancestor Qi Feng clearly had his qualms as he faced the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s threats, but when he recalled the great fortune hidden behind this matter, he roused with enthusiasm. His courage swelled up as a result. He forcefully withstood the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s pressure and said sternly, “Icecloud Founding Ancestor, you can forget about overwhelming others with your powers. You’re clearly behaving like this because of your guilty conscience, which only proves that your Snow sect is definitely up to no good. On top of that, we can’t eliminate the possibility that you intentionally held that battle as a performance to gain Shui Yunlan’s trust.”

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“Shui Yunlan, come over here. Anyone who tries to stop you will only prove that they belong to the Flame Reverend. As for us, the Chillwind sect, even if you don’t trust me, you trust your good sister, don’t you?” Ancestor Qi Feng then said to Shui Yunlan.

Shui Yunlan hesitated. Her gaze swept past the three groups of people. Compared to the Snow sect and the Heavenly Crane clan, she was clearly leaning towards the Chillwind sect.

The jade slip that ancestor Qi Feng had given her was truly a recording of Cai Xia. Whether it was her tone, expression, or mannerisms, it was no different from Cai Xia’s. That could not be faked.

“Snow sect, as well as the Heavenly Crane clan, if you haven’t betrayed the Ice Goddess Hall, then you have no right to limit my actions,” said Shui Yunlan. She was very firm with her decision, gradually approaching ancestor Qi Feng.

The Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s face changed slightly, wanting to stop her by force. However, when she thought of what Shui Yunlan had said, she immediately dismissed that idea. Her face darkened.

“Shui Yunlan, could you hear me out? You’re free to leave or stay after that. I definitely won’t interfere with your decision,” ancestor Lan said suddenly. As soon as she finished talking, she waved her hand and set up a sound-isolating barrier.

Only three people stood within the barrier. Apart from her and Shui Yunlan, there was He Qianchi.

The moment the barrier was formed, Shui Yunlan heard a voice she could not be any more familiar with.

“Protector Shui, I am Jian Chen. I am currently with the Heavenly Crane clan. Bear in mind that I cannot expose my true identity yet. Don’t behave or react abnormally either. Come to the Heavenly Crane clan.” 

The short message stirred waves in Shui Yunlan’s mind, preventing her from calming down.

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