Chapter 721: Essence of Maternal Waters
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 721: Essence of Maternal Waters

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


It was a vast underground space.

The rock ceiling was more than a hundred thousand feet from the floor, and it was impossible to see the end of the space. All around were clouds of yellow dust.

In the distance was a fiery pillar of immense size that soared upward. It was like a torch, lighting up what should have been a world of darkness.

Nobody had ever imagined that such a grandiose world would be under the Verdant Cloud Domain.

The fiends couldn't help but sigh in wonder at the sight.

"Your Majesty, where should we go now?" a fiend general asked.

Tang Jie's eyes fell on that pillar of fire. "This structure clearly isn't natural. Let's go over and see if we can find anything out."

Tang Jie threw out an item which expanded into a giant warship, none other than the Pavilion Warship.

Tang Jie blinked over to the warship's control position and sat down. Finally, he could catch his breath.

It wasn't that having the warship around made him relaxed. Rather, he could use the excuse of steering the warship to not intervene.

Although he had yet to see any danger, Tang Jie sensed that the path ahead was not going to be smooth.

The fiend kings and generals boarded the warship, which majestically flew off toward the pillar.

While the pillar of fire seemed close, it was actually extremely far away, and flying over to it took the better half of the day.

As they approached the pillar of fire, they began to hear a rumbling sound.

Everyone turned to look toward the sound.

A nearby mountain had started to move.

A large face appeared on the mountain, and then it blinked its eyes, sending rocks cascading to the ground. Finally, the mountain stood up, becoming a towering giant that swatted a hand at the warship.

The massive hand was like a moving mountain, and even Tang Jie wasn't willing to take this blow directly, so he moved the ship to evade.

The mountain giant threw out a punch.

"Fuck, you think you're impressive just because you're big?" a fiend general roar

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Translator Notes

Oh it looks like Tang Jie has found the weakness of these pesky monsters!

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