Chapter 720: Shadow Creatures
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 720: Shadow Creatures

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As Tang Jie stepped into the cave, he was buffeted by a cold and sinister wind.

The ground beneath his feet was ice-cold.

Looking around, he saw that this was a cold and dark passage that led into an unfathomable darkness.

But the walls of the passage gleamed with lines of light.

Formation lines!

Tang Jie narrowed his eyes.

As expected, it was a large formation, though he still didn't know what type it was. From the scene before, he could ascertain that there were five places like this, spread across the Verdant Cloud Domain. Could this be a formation that covered more than half the domain?

Tang Jie was stunned by this, but this didn't stop him from ordering a fiend general to lead the way deeper into the depths.

The passage was very long and spiraled downward. On the way, Tang Jie saw flashing formation lines everywhere, the complexity causing him to sigh in wonder. The most incredible thing was that the demon cave was still working after all these years. From this, he could deduce that the one who had laid down this formation was some peerless Titan, but he still didn't know why they had done it. However, as he was exploring, he started to get some ideas.

Those fiend kings and generals realized the same as him, clicking their tongues in praise and speculating as to which Titan of High Antiquity had left this formation behind.

Some of them even began to imagine treasures they might find at the heart of the formation.

As they were walking along, a dark figure suddenly shot toward them.

The fiend general leading the way was fast with his hands, sending out a blast of wind that struck the dark figure, which shrieked and dissipated in the wind.

The fiend general carefully examined the remains and smiled. "It was just a shadow spirit."

Everyone sighed in relief.

Places thick with Yin energy would generate existences called shadow spirits. Shadow spirits had no mind and acted purely on instinct, so there was nothing to be afraid of. This kind of monster

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Translator Notes

Violence isn't always the answer! Which Tang Jie only learned because using violence would end up exposing him as a fraud!

Novel Notes

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